Issue 3 2017

The Greater Bilby has not been seen in the wild in NSW for more than a century but UNSW researchers are spearheading an ambitious comeback plan.

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Groups of scientists are now able to ‘walk’ through cancer cells, thanks to ground-breaking multi-user virtual reality.

The Greater Bilby has not been seen in the wild in NSW for more than a century. Deborah Smith reports on an ambitious comeback plan.

UNSW Magazine sat down with Lyria Bennett Moses, Robert Brooks and Maurice Pagnucco to discuss the latest Grand Challenge, Living With 21st Century Technology. This is an edited version of the conversation.

World-leading historian Alison Bashford has always been interested in how the past shapes our present. 

UNSW Vice-Chancellor and President Ian Jacobs joins students to share their experiences of being the first in their families to attend university.

After six years of study, and support from Shalom Gamarada, Indigenous students Luke Walker and Jason Sines are returning to rural NSW to start new lives as doctors.

'Waste warrior' wins PLuS Alliance Research Innovation prize

The 1912 death of Scott of the Antarctic and four companions has long been blamed on poor planning by Scott, but documents discovered by UNSW researcher Crhis Turney reveal a different story.

Here's a bumper crop of UNSW books for holiday reading.