The Allegiance to Australia Act undermines our values and is never likely to be effective, writes George Williams.



Granting Saudi Arabian citizenship to the robot 'Sophia' raises social and ethical concerns that we are not yet ready to manage, writes Hussain Abbass.


In the case of the 'citizenship seven', the High Court opted for an interpretation that promoted certainty for future cases, writes Gabrielle Appleby

barnaby Joyce

Unwittingly being a citizen of somewhere else does not breach the constitution's demand for sole loyalty to Australia, writes Rosalind Dixon.


Depending on who you are, you could face a longer wait for citizenship in Australia compared to Germany, Canada or the UK, writes Sangeetha Pillai.


A new bill gives the immigration minister unprecedented control over the process to acquire citizenship, writes Sangeetha Pillai.


The creation of the Citizenship Loss Board is an Orwellian development that operates in secret according to its own rules, writes George Williams.


New terror laws run the risk of undermining the very freedoms we seek to preserve, writes George Williams.


Far from making us safer, legislation allowing Australian citizenship to be stripped from dual nationals would make matters worse, writes George Williams.


Although constitutional, new laws to strip the citizenship of dual nationals involved in terrorism are more far reaching than first thought and flawed, writes George Williams.