UNSW Canberra has launched a new Defence Research Institute to deliver world-class research to enhance Australia's security.


Australia should play to its strengths to develop and increase exports of its existing expertise in cyber security rather than other military exports, writes Greg Austin.


UNSW Canberra's Professor Greg Austin says that to be prepared for a major war, Australia needs a new cyber military industrial strategy that is independent of the United States.


UNSW has joined six other universities across NSW to undertake collaborative research to help find solutions to some of Australia’s biggest defence technology challenges.


Despite the hype about its capabilities, there are questions about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's operational readiness, writes Steven L. Jones. 

US Australia alliance

The Green's position on defence is untainted by an appreciation of the serious threats facing Australia, writes Alan Dupont.


How grounded in strategic reality is the Australian government’s decision to purchase 12 new submarines, asks Greg Austin.

killer drone

Attempts to define and prohibit autonomous weapon systems may hold back weaponry of significant value in improving international security, warns Jai Galliott.

Julie Bishop and Shinzo Abe

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s call this week for a deeper, closer strategic and defence partnership with Japan is a watershed moment in the bilateral relationship, writes Alan Dupont.

fighter jet

Given the Joint Strike Fighter's litany of delays and technical problems and suggestions its superiority has already been superceded by autonomous aircraft, it would be prudent for Defence to reduce the number it plans to procure, writes Jai Galliott.