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Tamara Dean

'Wild Researchers' is a unique collaboration between UNSW and award-winning photographer Tamara Dean. The exhibition showcases scientists working in the elements to address issues like climate change, endangered species, toxic industrial sites and marine pollution.


A group of students has returned home from Harvard University’s prestigious BIOMOD championships, where they were placed in the Gold category for their innovative vaccine research .

cave painting

Is it true that for our entire history humans have associated with about 150 other people? Darren Curnoe checks the facts.

polar bear

Australia is one of the few industrial nations going to Paris with inadequate emissions reduction targets – and with no credible policies to achieve even modest goals, writes Stefan Rahmstorf.

Horsehead nebula

A new telescope built in one of the most remote regions of our planet is letting us see cosmic carbon in a new light, writes Michael Burton.

Papua New Guinea

The big questions about our past, evolution and place in nature are getting harder to answer, writes Darren Curnoe

robot thinking

We are still a long way from fully understanding the complexities of how human empathy operates, writes Skye McDonald.


“Why wasn’t my grant funded?” Given most research funding agencies have success rates of 20% or less, this is a question asked by the majority of applicants every year, writes Merlin Crossley.


An international team of astronomers has used a new UNSW Australia telescope to help discover a large rocky object disintegrating in a death spiral around a distant white dwarf star.


This year’s El Niño, combined with the Indian Ocean Diople, could be a whopper, writes Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, but we still don’t know exactly what weather the complex influences might produce.