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20 November 14

Professor Brien Holden has been awarded the American Academy of Optometry’s highest honour for his lifetime of achievement in vision science.

20 November 14

Australia’s Mopra telescope, nestled in NSW’s Warrumbungle National Park, is earmarked for closure in a year thanks to CSIRO funding cuts. But this one-of-a-kind telescope is well worth saving, writes Michael Burton.

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19 November 14

Adaptation to climate change is one of the most pressing challenges humanity faces, France's Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier has told a meeting of more than 130 French researchers at UNSW.

19 November 14

Like their human equivalents, corporate divorces can have benefits, but can also be very messy affairs, writes Peter Kien Pham.

18 November 14

The services sector is poised to reap significant gains from the China-Australia free trade deal, writes Laurey Pearcey.

(L-R) Dr. Supachai Vongbunyong, Research Associate; Wei Hua Chen, PhD candidate; Professor Sami Kara (Photo: Grant Turner)
18 November 14

UNSW researchers have programmed industrial robots to tackle the vast array of e-waste thrown out by Australians every year.

17 November 14

The Brisbane G20 leaders' summit has failed to grapple with key issues around the limits of economic growth, sustainability and how to distribute wealth more equitably, write Anne Junor and Geoff Harcourt.

17 November 14

The Abbott government will soon make two very significant appointments to the High Court, arising from the retirements of Justices Kenneth Hayne and Susan Crennan, writes George Williams.

17 November 14

Thousands of children whose parents are unemployed will be excluded from early childhood services if the government accepts draft recommendations of the Productivity Commission, UNSW research has found.

14 November 14

For the 25 million people of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, Ebola is not just an epidemiological terror, it is also a socioeconomic disaster, write Paul Munro and Greg van der Horst.