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17 December 14

As the country reels from the Sydney siege and its unhappy end, many will be wondering what can be done for the survivors. The answer may be surprisingly little, write Zachary Steel and Grant Devilly.

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16 December 14

Emily Burke will join her friend and colleague Sean Lau at Oxford University after winning UNSW Law’s second Rhodes scholarship for 2015.

16 December 14

A lower Aussie dollar is good news for exporters. But it’s bad news for home owners, and consumers and business that source inputs from abroad, writes Richard Holden.

15 December 14

Juvenile crime rates in the NSW town of Armidale have been halved over the past seven years, thanks to an innovative, community-based skills program aimed at 14- to 17-year-olds.

15 December 14

International climate change talks will not save the planet by themselves, but they put important pressure on nations to do their part, writes Christian Downie.

15 December 14

It's time to hold a judicial inquiry to come to terms with Australia's involvement in the use of torture after September 11, writes George Williams.

15 December 14

UNSW Medicine celebrated a milestone today with the graduation of six Indigenous doctors – the highest number in a single year.

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12 December 14

Rates of intracerebral haemorrhage, a common type of stroke, are in decline overall, but men, the elderly and people living in socio-economic disadvantage remain at risk, research shows.

12 December 14

David Murray’s Financial System Inquiry may call for the removal of superannuation tax breaks but the government’s tax discussion paper, due to be released next week, is unlikely to do the same, writes Gordon Mackenzie.

12 December 14

The Murray Report lacks a coherent framework for thinking about interconnected issues, and nowhere is that more evident than in the inquiry’s tax recommendations, writes Richard Holden.