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27 January 15
Solar energy, particularly rooftop photovoltaic power, is now a real alternative and considerable player in the power markets, writes Bernhard Mitchell.
Olivia Gall in mine simulator
23 January 15

Olivia Gall had always dismissed mining as something “not for her”, until she took part in UNSW's Minerals Summer School.

22 January 15

A new assessment tool will help doctors and caregivers identify elderly patients who are likely to die within three months, enabling better end-of-life care, UNSW researchers say.

The human brain in blue xray
22 January 15

Scientists have identified five genetic variants that influence structures within the brain, a discovery that could help determine genetic processes that underlie neuropsychiatric diseases.

21 January 15

The reported theft of design details of Australia’s new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by Chinese spies is just one in a long history of security breaches, writes Steven L. Jones.

20 January 15

The Australian dollar is the fifth most traded currency in the world and its value gyrates wildly. Richard Holden gazes into his crystal ball to predict what 2015 has in store for the Aussie.

20 January 15

Universities are best served by collecting comments from students on teaching quality and making that feedback as freely available as possible, writes Merlin Crossley.

19 January 15

Why is it that we lose the information we have learnt? Is it still there but inaccessible, or is it gone forever, asks Amy Reichelt.

19 January 15

The Ottawa parliament, the Lindt cafe, Charlie Hebdo – all are militant expressions of a rage against history within modern Islam, writes Clive Kessler.

19 January 15

We have a proposition that has the potential to save lives and alleviate suffering worldwide. It is to rethink conventional approaches to philanthropy, write Alec Tzannes and Judith Neilson.