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12 September 14

An Australian-first research centre promises to realise the potential of big data to reduce the costs of healthcare while simultaneously improving the prevention and management of many diseases. 

11 September 14

The federal government may have to release or process thousands of asylum seekers, following a High Court ruling that sets significant new limits on the policy of indefinite detention, writes Joyce Chia. 

Former MoMA chief curator of Architecture and Design Barry Bergdoll
11 September 14

Former chief curator of Architecture and Design at New York’s Museum of Modern Art Professor Barry Bergdoll will deliver the next Utzon lecture at UNSW on September 17.

11 September 14

UNSW ethicist Dr Bridget Haire says doctors working in immigration detention face tough ethical dilemmas and may find themselves unable to fulfill their professional obligations.

11 September 14

UNSW’s Professor Maree Teesson has won a prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prize for her outstanding mentorship of a team of young researchers.

Modern day groundwater discharge on the flanks of Oldonyo Lengai volcano in Northern Tanzania (Credit: G.M. Ashley)
11 September 14

Our ancient ancestors’ ability to move around and find new sources of groundwater during extremely dry periods in Africa may have been key to their survival and the evolution of the human species, a new study shows. 

10 September 14

The UNSW-based Australian Drug Law Reform Initiative has welcomed a new global report signed by dozens of world leaders that calls for the decriminalisation of drug use and possession.

10 September 14

The first evidence of water ice clouds on an object outside of our own Solar System has been discovered by an international team including UNSW’s Professor Chris Tinney.

10 September 14

Recreational sailors who become “citizen oceanographers” could provide vital scientific knowledge about the world’s oceans by sampling remote waters from their yachts, according to UNSW-led team of researchers.

9 September 14

Ataturk's famous letter to Anzac mothers saying, 'having lost their lives on this land, they have become our sons as well' gives some comfort to those left behind but is yet another wartime myth, write Peter Stanley and David Stephens.