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21 August 14

UNSW will present wild and untamed design ideas that aim to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems as part of Sydney Design Week.

Dr Hank Haeusler from UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment
20 August 14

The prototype of the next generation of bus stop, featuring large interactive computer displays, sensors and sleek wooden panelling, is on display at Sydney’s Customs House.

20 August 14

At the launch of a new book, “Reimagining India”, an expert panel moderated by Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer has identified opportunities for Australian business, education and research in an economically resurgent India.

19 August 14

Improving human performance in matching unfamiliar faces in passport control will help ensure the security and safety of Australians, writes David White.

19 August 14

A disturbing modification involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 is swaying opinions on the influence of gaming, write Michael Kasumovic and Rob Brooks.

19 August 14

Are even the very best big-data driven practises guilty of asking the wrong questions of the wrong data? asks Peter Swan.

19 August 14

Feelings of loss and helplessness often drive unhealthy behaviours, a fact used by marketers to boost sales. But consumers can fight back, writes Nitika Garg.

19 August 14

The terminology used by treasurers in recent decades reflects serious conceptual misunderstandings of how real economies work, writes Geoff Harcourt.

19 August 14

Security systems based on photo identification could be significantly improved by selecting staff who have an aptitude for this very difficult visual task, a UNSW-led study of Australian passport officers suggests.

18 August 14

The new sporting pursuit of choice may soon be professional electronic gaming, writes Michael Kasumovic.