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8 July 14

Some of the world’s leading researchers in HIV will converge on UNSW for the launch of the Kirby Institute’s new facilities and a symposium on the challenges in infectious disease.

8 July 14

Projected changes in the winds circling Antarctica may accelerate global sea level rises significantly more than previously estimated, research shows.

8 July 14

Current protests over redevelopment of the Block reveal the limitations of legal title in the face of social, moral and historical understandings of ownership, writes Amelia Thorpe.


8 July 14

Australia has an obligation to ensure refugees are not returned to territories where they face persecution, torture, or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, writes Jane McAdam.

7 July 14

More than 50 legal scholars from 17 Australian universites have written an open letter condemning the federal government's return of asylum seekers to Sri Lanka. 


7 July 14

Who will make sure that the new national security legislation is proportionate, necessary and likely to be effective, asks Fergal Davis.

Iain Stewart 1
7 July 14

Scottish geologist and TV documentary presenter Professor Iain Stewart will be the inaugural recipient of the UNSW Medal for Science Communication and deliver the Scientia Lecture tonight.

7 July 14

The visit of Japan’s Prime MInister Shinzo Abe to Australia heralds the chance of export success for many Australian companies, says UNSW economist Tim Harcourt.

7 July 14

Both Israeli and Palestinian families have been caught in a vicious cycle of violence and are paying an immeasurable price so Israel can have its illegal settlements, write Bassam Dally and Peter Slezak.

4 July 14

UNSW’s newly opened Kensington Colleges – home to almost 1000 students – have been recognised for their “beautifully executed” design.