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6 August 14

Discoveries around how humans have evolved since the Stone Age provide troubling insights into where we may be headed as a species, writes Darren Curnoe.

5 August 14

Far too much of our energy comes from nutritionally worthless junk foods and drinks pushed by the food industry, write Rosemary Stanton and Christina Pollard.

5 August 14

Of all the currency arrangements cited in the debate over the future of Scotland’s currency, the ones conspicuously missing are those closest to home, writes David Blaazer.

5 August 14

BrightHearts is a creative relaxation training app designed to help people observe and regulate stress, writes George Poonkhin Khut.


5 August 14

Members of the public have the opportunity to financially support younger scientists who want to carry out cutting-edge research, with the launch of a new crowdfunding platform – – created by UNSW scientist Dr Ben McNeil.

4 August 14

New research has found rapid warming of the Atlantic Ocean has turbocharged Pacific Equatorial trade winds with resulting impacts around the globe.

4 August 14

Decent trade unionists should embrace the opportunity that is now presented to showcase modern standards of governance and accountability that will guarantee another century of service, writes Robert McClelland.

Up to $50,000 in seed funding is available to a UNSW student-led startup. (Photo: Thinkstock)
4 August 14

A new partnership will unlock up to $50k in seed funding for UNSW-led technology startups.

PhD candidate Margaret Sarlej and Australian Research Council Fellow Dr Malcolm Ryan. (Photo credit: Britta Campion)
1 August 14

Researchers have devised a computer program with the artificial intelligence to write its own fables.

31 July 14

Companies that install independent directors not only cause shareholder losses but also weaken every aspect of a firm's performance, writes Peter Swan.