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Professor Rodney Phillips
10 December 14

Professor Rodney Phillips, an eminent Australian academic who is currently a Vice-Dean of Medical Sciences at Oxford, has been appointed Dean of Medicine at UNSW.

10 December 14

Attempts to curb online bullying are like chasing a moving target and cyberbullying will continue to change and evolve irrespective of the policy regime, writes Ilan Katz.


Chris Tisdell
10 December 14

UNSW academics don't just do outstanding research, they also excel at passing on their knowledge and skills to the next generation of thinkers.

10 December 14

The talent demonstrated at the annual NSW School Spectacular highlight a glaring mismatch between perceptions of public education and reality, writes Cathy Sherry.

9 December 14

In the Art Gallery of NSW’s Pop to Popism, curator Wayne Tunncliffe has revealed himself as a master of illusion, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.

8 December 14

Minimum wages might be okay, but progressive taxes are better at tackling income inequality, writes James Morley.

8 December 14

Engineering student Tom Perfrement has been named ‘Australia’s most employable’ in his field, one of 15 UNSW students dominating a list of the country’s top 100 future graduates.


art gallery
8 December 14

This summer, art lovers can pick and choose from blockbuster exhibitions across the country, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.

Dr Mark Keevers, the UNSW solar scientist who managed the project.
8 December 14

Solar engineers from UNSW's Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics have set a new world-record in solar energy efficiency, achieving an electricity conversion rate of over 40%. 

5 December 14

Yes, the newly announced visas are prefereable to indefinite offshore detention. But this is not how humanitarian refugee protection is meant to work, write Jane McAdam and Kerry Murphy.