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24 January 14

With cycling deaths on the rise in Australia, a visiting expert from Sweden will discuss how the latest technology can help prevent bicycle accidents.

23 January 14

The recent Australian heatwave that saw some electricity consumers lose supply was a sobering reminder that we need to provide and use energy more sustainably, writes Hugh Outhred. 

22 January 14

Australian water utilities must adapt to extreme weather events if they are to protect vulnerable supplies and ensure clean drinking water into the future, an international report warns.

22 January 14

Research shows Australia has much to learn from China’s high quality and sustainable foster care system.  

21 January 14

Two UNSW researchers have been awarded prestigious Australian Academy of Science prizes for their work in statistical ecology and climate change science.

20 January 14

A new study that aims to identify rates of undiagnosed HIV in Australia’s gay community will offer free testing across six states and territories, including at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

20 January 14

Console games are no longer banned in China, opening up a huge market for manufacturers. But can they succeed in a culture where consumers are used to getting their software and games for free, asks Thomas Apperley. 

20 January 14

The push to reduce the GST threshold on imported goods is likely to be the federal government’s first real test on “public” tax reform. Let's hope a consumer backlash won't divert it from sound decision making, writes Dale Boccabella.

20 January 14

Professor Stuart Wenham and his team’s discovery of a technology to produce high efficiency, low cost silicon photovoltaic cells has won one of the world’s richest research prizes.

17_Tom Keneally (c) Helen White 2011 courtesy SMSA
17 January 14

Internationally acclaimed Australian author Thomas Keneally will deliver UNSW's 2014 Gandhi Oration on 30 January.