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31 December 13

Attorney-General George Brandis cannot be a champion of human rights if he ignores prominent areas – such as anti-terrorism laws  where such rights have been breached, writes George Williams.


19 December 13

Medical researchers have found a cause of ageing in animals that can be reversed, possibly paving the way for new treatments for age-related diseases including cancer and type 2 diabetes.

19 December 13

A good strategy for choosing what to study at university is to take courses you enjoy and that keep your options open, writes Merlin Crossley.

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19 December 13

From a Rhodes Scholar and an industrial designer helping sick kids to the entrepreneurial winners of a $50,000 grant from Microsoft, UNSW students are making headlines around the globe.

19 December 13

Come face-to-face with some of the goriest disease specimens at the Musuem of Human Disease's 'Zombie Apocalypse' school holidays workshop this January. 

19 December 13

Now that you have received your HSC and ATAR results, the next step is to pick the university degree that’s right for you. 

19 December 13

The High Court's decision to strike down Premier Barry O'Farrell's political finance reforms comes as no surprise. What was unexpected was how the court reached this result, writes George Williams. 

18 December 13

Arrangements that reflect the Commonwealth’s effective control of the tertiary sector make a lot of sense, but there is the risk of a one size fits all standardisation if the Commonwealth runs the show, writes Andrew Lynch. 

18 December 13

Uttam Kumar beat 37,000 students from around the world to win a year of free study in Australia. The 22-year-old from New Delhi has chosen UNSW, where he'll undertake a Masters degree in materials science.

18 December 13

Posting information about our children on social media raises serious questions about their privacy now and in the future, writes Myra Hamilton.