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15 October 13

Contrary to recent commentary, the US will stay the course on Obama's pivot to Asia for the simple reason that Asia engages US vital interests more than any other region, writes Alan Dupont. 

15 October 13

More than 40 per cent of all regular psychostimulant users have used an emerging psychoactive substance in the previous six months, according to research from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

15 October 13

Australians like to think of their country as a land of the "fair go". But for minorities, equal dignity is not guaranteed by any overriding constitutional provision, argues Michael Kirby. 

14 October 13

Online learning can and should be a much richer, interactive and adaptive experience than it is now, argues Dror Ben Naim. 

14 October 13

The first step in breaking the vicious cycle of disadvantage and empowering young indigenous Australians is to look at our communities' circumstances through a different lens, argues Lisa Jackson Pulver.

13 October 13

Join former NSW DPP and UNSW Visiting Professorial Fellow Nicholas Cowdery as he reflects on 45 years as a criminal lawyer, in the final UNSW Law Justice Talks lecture for the year this Tuesday 18 October.

Australian Chair of Global Dignity Day, Jane McAdam
11 October 13

What does it mean for people to live a dignified life? That's the question being considered by 170 Sydney high school students taking part in the first major Australian Global Dignity Day event.

11 October 13

AWU boss Paul Howes is pushing for social privatisation of government infrastructure to improve our cities. Should the ALP take heed of his advice, asks Mark Rolfe. 

11 October 13

It won't be easy, but in future astro-archaeologists may be able to glean that life once existed on Earth from the stellar remnants of our sun, writes Dr Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer.

11 October 13

Australia’s longest standing and most prestigious art awards, the Blake Prize, will be exhibited at UNSW’s newest gallery at COFA.