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6 February 14

Researchers have identified a new species of mysterious beaked whale based on a study of seven animals stranded on remote tropical islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

5 February 14

Oceanographic research at UNSW suggests the claimed lengthy voyage of a castaway fisherman could have occurred and he was lucky not to have ended up in the great garbage patch of the North Pacific.

5 February 14

Urban planning needs to address key barriers to downsizing, with fewer than one in 10 older people currently moving to smaller homes.

5 February 14

Is Asia on the edge of a major power confrontation that could lead to another world war, asks Geoffrey Garrett. 

4_cancer report_Bernard Stewart
4 February 14

With cancer now the world's biggest killer, it's clear that we won't beat the disease with treatments alone, says Bernard Stewart, co-editor of the World Cancer Report. What's needed is more legisation to regulate our behaviour.


4 February 14

A new major in Real Estate Studies will commence at the Australian School of Business this year, offering students an industry-focussed, multidisciplinary curriculum to develop leaders in the evolving profession. 

4 February 14

Current tax policies are affecting housing demand, resulting in increased prices as investors and cashed up owner occupiers engage in a bidding war, writes Helen Hodgson. 

3 February 14

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman helped steer American cinema back to an emotional integrity it had lost, writes Julian Murphet.

3 February 14

In the aftermath of the annihilation of Nauru's judiciary, will Canberra champion the rule of law, or will it let democracy be overrun for the sake of political interests, asks Rebecca Ananian-Welsh.

3 February 14

Isha Deodhar is just about to start her first year of university, but she already has big plans to combine her love for maths, science and engineering to solve the big problems facing society.