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19 November 13

There is a clear need for federal reform. The starting point must be recognition of how much Australia has to gain from a system that fosters competition and diversity, rather than mere national control, writes George Williams. 

18 November 13

UNSW Science postgraduate research students have helped found the Sydney Society for Conservation Biology and will launch a "Conservation Conversations" public seminar series at UNSW this week.

18 November 13

Unusual El Niños, like those that led to the extraordinary super El Niño years of 1982 and 1997, will occur twice as often under even modest global warming scenarios.

18 November 13

The death of musician Lou Reed from liver cancer may raise awareness of the challenges of living with hepatitis C, but more work needs to be done to make sure treatments are widely available, writes Gregory Dore. 

18 November 13

Sydney is the inspiration for some of UNSW’s graduating built environment students, whose work is showcased in the exhibition, LuminoCity, opening tonight with a debate 'Will Sydney remain one of the world's most liveable cities?'


Shadow Play
15 November 13

A prestigious collection of dance films housed at UNSW is providing a free resource for dance educators and researchers.

15 November 13

With the resumption of Federal Parliament the new ministry will be out to prove that it is not just talk, and small businesses desperately need action, writes Frank Zumbo. 

State Minister for Ageing and Disability, John Ajaka and Rosemary Kayess
15 November 13

Family support plays a critical role in Australians with spinal cord injuries participating fully in society, new UNSW research has found.

15 November 13

UNSW’s Sarah Hyland will be CEO for a day at ANZ after winning a spot in a national competition aimed at ending Indigenous disadvantage in the workplace. 

15 November 13

The ubiquity of electronically stored information, such as email, has created an increased risk that material exempt from discovery due to client legal privilege will not be properly protected, writes Michael Legg.