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4 July 14

Global health funding for HIV prevention and treatment programs have resulted in tremendous health and economic savings however developing countries still need assistance, write David Wilson and Braedon Donald.

3 July 14

Is your right to free speech spelt out in the Australian Constitution? Hear leading experts debate the issues at a free public forum at UNSW tonight.


3 July 14

Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz will discuss the Global Financial Crisis, its impact and the future of the world economy, in a public talk at UNSW tonight.

03_nura gili_winter_school
3 July 14

One hundred Indigenous students from high schools across Australia will call UNSW home this week for a residential program designed to provide a stepping-stone to university.

2 July 14

Kangaroos may be nature's best hoppers, but when they are grazing on all fours – which is most of the time – their tail becomes a powerful fifth leg.

2 July 14

Some of the world’s brightest students will converge on UNSW this week for a summit on the ideal future city – a multicultural, aesthetic metropolis resilient to climate change.

Twin brothers Douglas (left) and Alex Dunn are making nanoparticles for carrying cancer drugs more patient-friendly.
2 July 14

Twins Alex and Douglas Dunn have used a prestigious international fellowship to improve nanoparticles' ability to deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to cancer cells.

2 July 14

To really understand the risks in the economic outlook, it is important to step back from a story-telling approach and take an an objective look at the data, writes James Morely.

1 July 14

New Business School Dean Chris Styles believes innovation will be critical in the era of higher education deregulation.

Madeline Heiner 3000m steeplechase
1 July 14

UNSW Masters student Madeline Heiner is limbering up for the 3000m steeplechase at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.