Science & Technology

29 July 2014
Without the freedom to operate as a truly commercial entity, the future for state-owned Malaysia Airlines looks bleak, writes Ian Douglas.
Postgraduate research student Monica Chi and Dr John Page, with the Oculus Rift
28 July 2014
UNSW researchers are hoping to revolutionise engineering design with cutting-edge, low-cost 3D gaming technology.
Robotics_ (5)
25 July 2014
Germany may have won the football world cup but Australia has toppled them to win the robotic version, RoboCup 2014, in Brazil overnight.
24 July 2014
Australia has had an active civil space program since 1947 but has much to learn if it is to capture a bigger share of a growing billion dollar global space industry, write Barnaby Osborne, Andrew Dempster and Elias Aboutanios.
23 July 2014
A team of UNSW students has broken a 26-year-old world speed record, establishing their Sunswift car as the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500km, on a single battery charge.
23 July 2014
The evolutionary forces shaping bacteria, the fate of engineered nanoparticles in groundwater, and the psychology behind obsessive thinking and anger are among the research projects led by UNSW’s newest Future Fellows.
22 July 2014
Australia already has technically feasible scenarios to run the electricity industry on 100% renewable energy, without significantly affecting supply, writes Mark Diesendorf.
18 July 2014
Renowned cosmologist and best-selling author Paul Davies will address some of the most challenging questions of existence in a public lecture at UNSW on Tuesday 29 July.
Robotics_ (1)
15 July 2014
Like their human counterparts in the recent football World Cup, Germany will be the team to beat at the RoboCup Championships in Brazil. VIDEO
09 July 2014
The world has an obligation to help the Pacific Islands conserve their unique ecosystems which are a vital reservoir of biodiversity and source of natural resources, says Richard Kingsford.
09 July 2014
The migration of tropical fish as a result of ocean warming poses a serious threat to the temperate areas they invade, because they overgraze on kelp forests and seagrass, a UNSW-led study concludes.
Sunswift eVe put through its paces at Sydney Dragway prior to the record attempt. (Photo credit: Daniel Chen and Glenn Ong)
09 July 2014
A team of UNSW students will challenge a 26-year-old world record on Wednesday to prove their electric car meets the needs of Australia's driving public.
08 July 2014
Projected changes in the winds circling Antarctica may accelerate global sea level rises significantly more than previously estimated, research shows.
Iain Stewart 1
07 July 2014
Scottish geologist and TV documentary presenter Professor Iain Stewart will be the inaugural recipient of the UNSW Medal for Science Communication and deliver the Scientia Lecture tonight.
02 July 2014
Kangaroos may be nature's best hoppers, but when they are grazing on all fours – which is most of the time – their tail becomes a powerful fifth leg.
Twin brothers Douglas (left) and Alex Dunn are making nanoparticles for carrying cancer drugs more patient-friendly.
02 July 2014
Twins Alex and Douglas Dunn have used a prestigious international fellowship to improve nanoparticles' ability to deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to cancer cells.
30 June 2014
The PB/5 pedestrian button is unlikely to be on many people’s top ten lists as a “design classic”, but it does possess a number of remarkable design attributes, writes Miles Park.
27 June 2014
A UNSW-led team of researchers has discovered a potentially habitable Earth-like planet that is only 16 light years away.
24 June 2014
Our social identities lie at the core of many psychological processes, including the emotional reactions of football fans to their teams' victories and losses, writes Lisa Williams.
19 June 2014
Four UNSW academics have been named on a prestigious list of the world’s most highly cited scientists. 
19 June 2014
Companies that use biodiversity offsetting need to develop better ways to deliver biodiversity gains that are genuine, additional, permanent and fair to local communities, writes Malika Virah-Sawmy.
19 June 2014
An excess of one of the two amino acids in the artifical sweetener aspartame is a signficant concern for people with phenylketonuria, but there is no evidence it has adverse effects in others, writes Rebecca LeBard.
19 June 2014
If Australia is serious about buying the jump jet version of the Joint Strike Fighter it would be wise to look at why the UK is the only country to change its mind on the sale, writes Steven L Jones.
Scientia Professor Martin Green.
17 June 2014
US President Barack Obama has outlined plans to enhance collaboration between Australian and US photovoltaics researchers following bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
17 June 2014
A UNSW-led team of researchers has discovered how algae that survive in very low levels of light are able to switch on and off a weird quantum phenomenon that occurs during photosynthesis.