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28 November 2014
Can we really run the clock backwards and find the optimal way to eat, asks Darren Curnoe.
27 November 2014
Overweight people experience much more stigma in their daily lives than previously realised, with parents, friends and partners a common source of negative comments, research shows.
27 November 2014
UNSW's graduating Industrial Design students are aiming their problem-solving skills at issues from sexual satisfaction to snowboarding safety and saving lives at sea.
26 November 2014
Darkness can bring out the worst in us, and the nighttime announcement of a US grand jury decision could have exacerbated the ensuing social unrest, writes Lisa Williams.
24 November 2014
Three UNSW researchers have been awarded prestigious Australian Academy of Science medals for their outstanding research in mathematics and quantum physics.
24 November 2014
Ignoring global political action on climate change places Australia at risk of being unprepared, economically and financially, for changes already taking place, writes Stephen Bygrave.
21 November 2014
Close collaboration between eye care professionals improves diagnosis of the blinding eye disease glaucoma and reduces unnecessary and costly referrals to ophthalmologists, a UNSW-led study shows.
Austern International founder Lily Wu (Photo: AMP)
21 November 2014
A startup founded by UNSW student Lily Wu that puts Australian students into Chinese internships has won an innovation grant from AMP’s Tomorrow Fund.
20 November 2014
Professor Brien Holden has been awarded the American Academy of Optometry’s highest honour for his lifetime of achievement in vision science.
20 November 2014
Australia’s Mopra telescope, nestled in NSW’s Warrumbungle National Park, is earmarked for closure in a year thanks to CSIRO funding cuts. But this one-of-a-kind telescope is well worth saving, writes Michael Burton.
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19 November 2014
Adaptation to climate change is one of the most pressing challenges humanity faces, France's Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier has told a meeting of more than 130 French researchers at UNSW.
(L-R) Dr. Supachai Vongbunyong, Research Associate; Wei Hua Chen, PhD candidate; Professor Sami Kara (Photo: Grant Turner)
18 November 2014
UNSW researchers have programmed industrial robots to tackle the vast array of e-waste thrown out by Australians every year.
12 November 2014
The Rosetta spacecraft’s mission to land on the surface of a comet has captured the imagination of the world, and the anxious attention of Australian space engineer Sean Tuttle, who oversaw the implementation of the craft’s thermal design
12 November 2014
The latest anonymously published scientific satire – Duronimus Karlof, Critical Mass – successfully ridicules big science and research politics while demonstrating that sometimes bold ideas deliver, writes Merlin Crossley.
Oxford ragwort
12 November 2014
Weeds in the UK are still evolving hundreds of years after their introduction and are unlikely to have reached their full potential as invaders, UNSW scientists have discovered. 
11 November 2014
UNSW researchers have had another stellar year at the Young Tall Poppy Awards for leading scientists, winning five of the 10 prizes for 2014 – the best result of any university.
11 November 2014
The G20 Leader’s Summit is in many ways a company retreat, and is about as hackable as a dinner party, write Tom Apperley and Robbie Fordyce.
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07 November 2014
The Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing has been awarded to journalist Jo Chandler for her piece TB and me: a medical souvenir, about contracting the deadly disease in Papua New Guinea.
07 November 2014
Just like crossing the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, the path to good decision-making needs to be followed one careful step at a time, writes Ben Newell.
06 November 2014
An aerial survey of waterbirds in eastern Australia covering about a third of the continent is underway for another year, led by UNSW's Richard Kingsford.
04 November 2014
Professor Michelle Simmons is Editor-in-Chief of a new international quantum research journal, launched at UNSW by the Federal Minister for Education Christopher Pyne.
04 November 2014
How will the international Ebola crisis influence next week’s mid-term elections in the USA, asks Rob Brooks.
Best Aust Science cover
03 November 2014
Chancellor David Gonski will lead a celebration of the year's finest Australian science writing by launching an anthology and presenting the Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing on Thursday.
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31 October 2014
Major players in the energy sector are converging on UNSW to share their vision for increasing Australia’s contribution to meeting the world’s future energy needs.
29 October 2014
Since 2011, new direct reuse drinking water schemes have come online in the US and it's likely Australian regional communities will begin to emulate the trend, writes Stuart Khan.