Science & Technology

Dr Yi Y. Liu, UNSW
24 April 2014
A study published in Nature reveals the widespread decline in greenness and water content in Central Africa's rainforests.
24 April 2014
Scientia Professor of Physics Michelle Simmons has joined the likes of Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell as an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
23 April 2014
One hopes and expects that our governments will listen to the people they have honoured, even when they reveal inconvenient truths, writes Merlin Crossley. 
17 April 2014
Finding the missing Malaysian Airline "black box" on the bottom of the ocean in an area roughly the size of Tasmania will be an extremely challenging task, warns Robin Robertson.
16 April 2014
Research suggests the beard styles embraced by hipster culture are likely to grow less attractive as they become more popular, writes Rob Brooks
16 April 2014
It's inevitable that some communities will live with a disproportionate burden of industrial air pollution unless we independently assess emissions data, write Donna Green, Jayajit Chakraborty and Mark Taylor.  
16 April 2014
Questions of paternity tap a deep well of human insecurity, writes Rob Brooks, who has consulted on a new documentary series on the issue.
15 April 2014
Any big cuts to the CSIRO's budget put at risk the fundamental research that is critical for future innovation, writes Ben McNeil.
14 April 2014
The bacterium that causes whooping cough has evolved – most likely in response to the vaccine used to prevent the disease – with a possible reduced effectiveness of the vaccine as a result, a new study shows.
14 April 2014
UNSW will host a public symposium on renewable energy on Tuesday 15 April, to be addressed by leading scientists and industry experts on solar, wind and other technologies.
14 April 2014
Sydney rock oysters could have a role as biomonitors of the health of our waterways, acting as sensitive indicators of harmful levels of contaminants in water and sediments.
Prof Graham Davies, Len Ainsworth & Prof Anne Simmons. (Photo: Neerav Bhatt)
13 April 2014
Construction of the new School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering precinct at UNSW is underway following a substantial philanthropic donation from businessman Len Ainsworth.
11 April 2014
Uncertainty about climate change should not be a reason for doing nothing; it should be an even stronger call for action, write Ben Newell and Michael Smithson.
10 April 2014
There are many questions about missing flight MH370 but answers are unlikely until the flight recorders are found, writes John Faulkner. 
10 April 2014
An ancient fox-sized cousin of the Tasmanian tiger was a fearsome killer that hunted large prey, a study of a well preserved skull from Queensland's Riversleigh World Heritage Site suggests.
09 April 2014
UNSW’s innovation culture has been boosted with the appointments of entrepreneurs Mike Cannon-Brookes and Ori Allon, who will advise on developing student start-ups.
08 April 2014
UNSW scientists are leading the international race to make the sci-fi world of quantum computing an everyday reality. 
08 April 2014
Research on how alcohol affects the behaviour of monogamous prairie voles is providing insights into sex differences in the brain functions of humans, writes Rob Brooks. 
Srikumar Venugopal
08 April 2014
UNSW researchers are using artificial intelligence to create a computer network that is able to regulate its own consumption of public cloud services.
07 April 2014
A rapid evolutionary “arms race” between bacteria and the killer viruses they contain has been observed by a UNSW-led team of scientists in a sophisticated genetic study.
31_march Fiona Johnson
02 April 2014
Some level of scepticism is a good thing. But thinking that all scientists and engineers are wrong until proven otherwise is no way to promote a rational discussion about climate change, argues Fiona Johnson.
01 April 2014
A teaching partnership with Imperial College London has given the first students in UNSW's nuclear engineering masters program access to experts including Britain's Chief Scientific Adviser to its Foreign Service, Robin Grimes.
01 April 2014
The dingo has been classified as a distinct Australian animal with the species name Canis dingo following research that sheds new light on its defining physical characteristics. 
01 April 2014
A computer algorithm that can identify complex emotions from facial expressions is a step towards improving the human-machine interface, write Lisa Williams and Eliza Bliss-Moreau. 
31 March 2014
Finding the flight recorder from flight MH370 on the ocean floor will become a game of blind man’s bluff spread over thousands of kilometres, writes Erik van Sebille.