Science & Technology

02 October 2014
UNSW scientists have discovered a new form of non-genetic inheritance, showing for the first time that offspring can resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner – in flies at least.
01 October 2014
The active ingredient in Viagra® could cause unusual visual responses in people who carry a common mutation for eye disease and leave detrimental long-term effects, UNSW researchers warn.
01 October 2014
A UNSW photovoltaics PhD graduate and former academic Martha Lenio will command an eight-month Mars mission simulation funded by NASA.
Smart Sparrow founder Dr Dror Ben-Naim.
01 October 2014
An education technology start-up spun out of UNSW is one of the big winners in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's $20 million Next-Generation Courseware Challenge.
30 September 2014
New, comprehensive analyses show that people didn’t just leave fingerprints on the record-breaking heat: we left a clear handprint, write Sophie Lewis and Sarah Perkins.
ARCCSS - the handprint of climate change
30 September 2014
2013 was our hottest year on record and the droughts, heat waves and record-breaking seasons were virtually impossible without human-caused global warming.
The winning Lab 202 team.
26 September 2014
Some healthy competition between UNSW student teams has resulted in a clean sweep in an agricultural robotics competition held in Sydney.
25 September 2014
UNSW scientist Paul Munroe has used electron microscopes to help artist Stephanie Valentin create striking images of insects for her new exhibition, Closer.
24 September 2014
Leading international and Australian experts on economics, the environment and business will gather next week at UNSW to discuss sustainable development in the 2014 Fenner Conference on the Environment.
23 September 2014
Socially responsible investors rely on sustainability reports for their investment decisions but the quality and consistency of reporting remains a problem, writes Renard Siew.
Team Lab 202's entry to the 2014 NI Autonomous Robotics Competition. (Credit: John Lam)
23 September 2014
Two UNSW student teams are doing battle in the grand final of an agricultural robotics competition in Sydney this week.
22 September 2014
Tropical rabbitfish devastating algal forests in the eastern Mediterranean Sea pose a major threat to the entire sea basin if their distribution continues to expand as the climate warms, a UNSW-led study warns.
22 September 2014
It is ironic that the world we live in today is built on a solid foundation of research yet it is easier than ever for non-experts to spread their intuitive falsehoods, writes Tim Dean.
19 September 2014
If we want science to be its most innovative, the solution is not about finding brilliant, passionate creative scientists; it's about supporting the ones we already have, writes Ben McNeil.
18 September 2014
UNSW biologist Professor Richard Kingsford is a key scientific member of a partnership that has won a $200,000 prize for its work protecting the iconic Lake Eyre Basin river system.
Associate Professor Andrea Morello. Photo: Peter Morris
15 September 2014
A YouTube series on quantum mechanics starring electrical engineer Andrea Morello has attracted almost 130,000 views in its first fortnight.
12 September 2014
Microbes in oceans produce around half the oxygen we breathe. Now a study has shown their movement is hindered by geographical boundaries, raising concerns about their susceptibility to climate change.
12 September 2014
Pain may have positive social consequences, acting as a “social glue” that fosters cohesion and solidarity within groups, new UNSW-led research suggests.
Modern day groundwater discharge on the flanks of Oldonyo Lengai volcano in Northern Tanzania (Credit: G.M. Ashley)
11 September 2014
Our ancient ancestors’ ability to move around and find new sources of groundwater during extremely dry periods in Africa may have been key to their survival and the evolution of the human species, a new study shows. 
10 September 2014
The first evidence of water ice clouds on an object outside of our own Solar System has been discovered by an international team including UNSW’s Professor Chris Tinney.
10 September 2014
Recreational sailors who become “citizen oceanographers” could provide vital scientific knowledge about the world’s oceans by sampling remote waters from their yachts, according to UNSW-led team of researchers.
Dean of Engineering Professor Graham Davies rides the Hy-Cycle. (Photo: Grant Turner)
06 September 2014
UNSW researchers have built an Australian-first bicycle that can take riders up to 125 kilometres on a single battery charge and $2 of hydrogen.
05 September 2014
Saying “thank you” goes beyond good manners – it also serves to build and maintain social relationships, writes Lisa A Williams.
05 September 2014
The Warburton Review panel tying themselves in knots trying to justify reducing or abolishing the RET and deliver windfall profits to fossil-fuel generators is something to behold, writes Iain McGill.
Engineering students Laura Hodges and Fred Westling drive the RoboCouch. Photo: Leilah Schubert
04 September 2014
A team of UNSW engineering students has created a robotic couch that can move in any direction and be controlled using an Xbox gamepad.