Science & Technology

19 August 2014
Improving human performance in matching unfamiliar faces in passport control will help ensure the security and safety of Australians, writes David White. 
19 August 2014
A disturbing modification involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 is swaying opinions on the influence of gaming, write Michael Kasumovic and Rob Brooks.
19 August 2014
Security systems based on photo identification could be significantly improved by selecting staff who have an aptitude for this very difficult visual task, a UNSW-led study of Australian passport officers suggests.
18 August 2014
The new sporting pursuit of choice may soon be professional electronic gaming, writes Michael Kasumovic.
15 August 2014
First year female enrolments in engineering at UNSW have increased from 20 to 22% this year, with the faculty on target to reach its goal of 25% by 2020.
15 August 2014
The issue of race has been in the news, but the idea that human races even exist fails to stand up to scientific scrutiny, writes Darren Curnoe.
14 August 2014
Australia risks being left behind as the only country in the OECD without a national policy for science, technology or innovation, Professor Ian Chubb has told a capacity audience. VIDEO
12 August 2014
Increasingly, our research is demonstrating the substantial role that teacher-student relationships play in motivation and engagement, writes Andrew Martin.
Dr Jenny Riesz from the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM). (Credit: Mikey Leung)
12 August 2014
New analysis by UNSW suggests that renewable investment is likely to be cheaper and lower risk for Australia.
11 August 2014
Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb will present the 2014 Jack Beale Lecture on the topic 'No free rides to the future: Shoring up the science to sustain us' at UNSW on Wednesday.
08 August 2014
UNSW has finalists in seven categories of the Australian Museum Eureka prizes – prestigious national awards dubbed the 'Oscars of Science'.
08 August 2014
While we know much about the consequences of happiness, much less is known about its causes, let alone how to guarantee its appearance, writes Brock Bastion.
07 August 2014
High school students can better prepare for university science, engineering and technology courses, with the launch of UNSW’s first science Massive Open Online Course on the Coursera platform.
06 August 2014
Discoveries around how humans have evolved since the Stone Age provide troubling insights into where we may be headed as a species, writes Darren Curnoe.
05 August 2014
Members of the public have the opportunity to financially support younger scientists who want to carry out cutting-edge research, with the launch of a new crowdfunding platform – – created by UNSW scientist Dr Ben McNeil.
04 August 2014
New research has found rapid warming of the Atlantic Ocean has turbocharged Pacific Equatorial trade winds with resulting impacts around the globe.
Up to $50,000 in seed funding is available to a UNSW student-led startup. (Photo: Thinkstock)
04 August 2014
A new partnership will unlock up to $50k in seed funding for UNSW-led technology startups.
PhD candidate Margaret Sarlej and Australian Research Council Fellow Dr Malcolm Ryan. (Photo credit: Britta Campion)
01 August 2014
Researchers have devised a computer program with the artificial intelligence to write its own fables.
29 July 2014
Without the freedom to operate as a truly commercial entity, the future for state-owned Malaysia Airlines looks bleak, writes Ian Douglas.
Postgraduate research student Monica Chi and Dr John Page, with the Oculus Rift
28 July 2014
UNSW researchers are hoping to revolutionise engineering design with cutting-edge, low-cost 3D gaming technology.
Robotics_ (5)
25 July 2014
Germany may have won the football world cup but Australia has toppled them to win the robotic version, RoboCup 2014, in Brazil overnight.
24 July 2014
Australia has had an active civil space program since 1947 but has much to learn if it is to capture a bigger share of a growing billion dollar global space industry, write Barnaby Osborne, Andrew Dempster and Elias Aboutanios.
23 July 2014
A team of UNSW students has broken a 26-year-old world speed record, establishing their Sunswift car as the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500km, on a single battery charge.
23 July 2014
The evolutionary forces shaping bacteria, the fate of engineered nanoparticles in groundwater, and the psychology behind obsessive thinking and anger are among the research projects led by UNSW’s newest Future Fellows.
22 July 2014
Australia already has technically feasible scenarios to run the electricity industry on 100% renewable energy, without significantly affecting supply, writes Mark Diesendorf.