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Associate Professor Torsten Thomas. Image: Jane Dempster
22 October 2014
UNSW scientists hope to unlock the secrets of millions of marine microbes with the help of an international team of volunteers sharing their spare computer capacity to create a research “supercomputer”.
21 October 2014
Incoming Dean of Engineering Professor Mark Hoffman is among three UNSW academics elected as Fellows of the prestigious Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.
21 October 2014
The National Water Commission is to be wrapped up due to federal budget cuts. Yet when it comes to water management and reform, it's clear there is unfinished business, writes Stuart Khan.
Professors Val Pinczewski and Christoph Arns won Innovator of the Year Award.
17 October 2014
A revolutionary rock sampling technology that achieved commercial success and a solar collector that can be used to heat or cool buildings are among the big winners in the 2014 UNSW Innovation Awards. 
17 October 2014
Carbon capture and storage is not even close to being a commercial prospect and may even increase net CO2 emissions, writes Stephen Bygrave.
manmachine (1)
17 October 2014
Air traffic controllers are helping UNSW researchers build intelligent systems that complement the human brain and reduce errors in some of our most challenging work environments. 
UNSW Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla
16 October 2014
Waste tyres diverted from landfill by UNSW ‘green steel’ technology could reach as high as the International Space Station.
14 October 2014
A dramatic increase in the amount of time that data can be stored on a single atom means silicon could once again play a vital role in the development of super-fast computers, write Andrea Morello and Andrew Dzurak.
14 October 2014
A team of UNSW engineering students has been officially recognised as the new world record holders for the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500 kilometres.
Credit: Thinkstock
13 October 2014
Former federal environment minister Professor Robert Hill will discuss policy responses to climate change in the inaugural Sir William Tyree Energy Lecture at UNSW on Thursday 23 October.
(L-R, back row) Andrew Dzurak and Andrea Morello, with paper lead authors (L-R) Menno Veldhorst and Juha Muhonen. Credit: Paul Henderson-Kelly
13 October 2014
Two research teams working in the same UNSW laboratories have created quantum bits that offer parallel pathways for building quantum computers in silicon.
10 October 2014
Revisiting telegony and other discredited theories of inheritance through the modern lens of epigenetics will contribute to a more complete understanding of heredity, write Angela Crean and Russell Bonduriansky.
10 October 2014
The percentage of students taking intermediate or advanced mathematics at school has declined significantly. Why is this happening and why does it matter? asks Chris Tisdale.
Robotic tractor and seeding machine in action.
09 October 2014
UNSW mechatronics researchers behind a robotic tractor and seeding machine have been named as finalists in The Australian Innovation Challenge. 
09 October 2014
The International e-Sports Federation has come under intense scrutiny – and criticism – for its segregation of female competitors in videogame competitions, writes Michael Kasumovic.
03 October 2014
The world is on an unsustainable pathway that threatens the environment, future prosperity and security, a capacity audience attending the 2014 Fenner Conference on the Environment has been told.  
Credit: Thinkstock
03 October 2014
When the curious mind is stimulated, everyone from school kids to the elderly learn and remember more no matter the subject matter, UNSW psychology research fellow Amy Reichelt tells The Conversation.
02 October 2014
UNSW scientists have discovered a new form of non-genetic inheritance, showing for the first time that offspring can resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner – in flies at least.
01 October 2014
The active ingredient in Viagra® could cause unusual visual responses in people who carry a common mutation for eye disease and leave detrimental long-term effects, UNSW researchers warn.
01 October 2014
A UNSW photovoltaics PhD graduate and former academic Martha Lenio will command an eight-month Mars mission simulation funded by NASA.
Smart Sparrow founder Dr Dror Ben-Naim.
01 October 2014
An education technology start-up spun out of UNSW is one of the big winners in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's $20 million Next-Generation Courseware Challenge.
30 September 2014
New, comprehensive analyses show that people didn’t just leave fingerprints on the record-breaking heat: we left a clear handprint, write Sophie Lewis and Sarah Perkins.
ARCCSS - the handprint of climate change
30 September 2014
2013 was our hottest year on record and the droughts, heat waves and record-breaking seasons were virtually impossible without human-caused global warming.
The winning Lab 202 team.
26 September 2014
Some healthy competition between UNSW student teams has resulted in a clean sweep in an agricultural robotics competition held in Sydney.
25 September 2014
UNSW scientist Paul Munroe has used electron microscopes to help artist Stephanie Valentin create striking images of insects for her new exhibition, Closer.