Science & Technology

Associate Professor Andrea Morello. Photo: Peter Morris
15 September 2014
A YouTube series on quantum mechanics starring electrical engineer Andrea Morello has attracted almost 130,000 views in its first fortnight.
12 September 2014
Microbes in oceans produce around half the oxygen we breathe. Now a study has shown their movement is hindered by geographical boundaries, raising concerns about their susceptibility to climate change.
12 September 2014
Pain may have positive social consequences, acting as a “social glue” that fosters cohesion and solidarity within groups, new UNSW-led research suggests.
Modern day groundwater discharge on the flanks of Oldonyo Lengai volcano in Northern Tanzania (Credit: G.M. Ashley)
11 September 2014
Our ancient ancestors’ ability to move around and find new sources of groundwater during extremely dry periods in Africa may have been key to their survival and the evolution of the human species, a new study shows. 
10 September 2014
The first evidence of water ice clouds on an object outside of our own Solar System has been discovered by an international team including UNSW’s Professor Chris Tinney.
10 September 2014
Recreational sailors who become “citizen oceanographers” could provide vital scientific knowledge about the world’s oceans by sampling remote waters from their yachts, according to UNSW-led team of researchers.
Dean of Engineering Professor Graham Davies rides the Hy-Cycle. (Photo: Grant Turner)
06 September 2014
UNSW researchers have built an Australian-first bicycle that can take riders up to 125 kilometres on a single battery charge and $2 of hydrogen.
05 September 2014
Saying “thank you” goes beyond good manners – it also serves to build and maintain social relationships, writes Lisa A Williams.
05 September 2014
The Warburton Review panel tying themselves in knots trying to justify reducing or abolishing the RET and deliver windfall profits to fossil-fuel generators is something to behold, writes Iain McGill.
Engineering students Laura Hodges and Fred Westling drive the RoboCouch. Photo: Leilah Schubert
04 September 2014
A team of UNSW engineering students has created a robotic couch that can move in any direction and be controlled using an Xbox gamepad.
03 September 2014
A new map of the world’s oceans redraws boundaries according to science, not geopolitics, and provides a crucial piece in the puzzle of who is creating marine dumping grounds, write Erik van Sebille and Gary Froyland.
03 September 2014
We have little to fear from mutating viruses. It is the rapidly evolving ones that we should be worried about, writes Rob Brooks.
03 September 2014
A Sydney council has approved a plan to allow advertisements on the surfaces of roadways. But is revenue potential blinding policy makers to the dangers, asks Steven Most.
03 September 2014
UNSW mathematicians and oceanographers have developed a model that could reveal who is to blame for litter in the floating garbage patches in the world’s oceans.
ACSER Director Professor Andrew Dempster (Photo: Maja Baska)
02 September 2014
UNSW space researchers will be able to improve technology that mitigates satellite navigation interference and make satellites cheaper, thanks to almost $600,000 in new federal funding.
01 September 2014
The Bureau of Meteorology has been accused of fudging its temperature data records. It's a very serious accusation - and it's untrue, write Andy Pitman and Lisa Alexander.
28 August 2014
UNSW researchers are developing drugs tailored to an individual patient and delivered directly to a target organ as part of a new Centre of Excellence that explores medical innovation at the molecular level.
27 August 2014
Old-fashioned good manners and a simple thank you are among the best ways to establish new relationships, UNSW research shows.
26 August 2014
Brain studies are revealing why some people – and not others – can hold huge amounts of information in their mind and manipulate it, writes Joel Pearson. 
Photovoltaic research will improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs for solar technologies. (Credit: Thinkstock)
26 August 2014
Photovoltaic researchers at UNSW have secured more than $7 million from the first round of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency's Research and Development Program.
22 August 2014
Technologies to transform carbon dioxide into sustainable fuels and end-of-life e-waste into high value materials have won Professors Rose Amal and Veena Sahajwalla Australian Laureate Fellowships.
22 August 2014
While a strong El Niño is now less likely, a significant event is still possible as long as the eastern Pacific remains warm through August, writes Agus Santoso
19 August 2014
Improving human performance in matching unfamiliar faces in passport control will help ensure the security and safety of Australians, writes David White.
19 August 2014
A disturbing modification involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 is swaying opinions on the influence of gaming, write Michael Kasumovic and Rob Brooks.
19 August 2014
Security systems based on photo identification could be significantly improved by selecting staff who have an aptitude for this very difficult visual task, a UNSW-led study of Australian passport officers suggests.