Science & Technology

Gabrielle McGill
12 March 2013
Floating communities in Cambodia now have access to clean water thanks to sustainable sanitation systems developed by two UNSW engineering alumni.
08 March 2013
Dean of Science, Professor Merlin Crossley, has found the third and final missing piece in the genetic puzzle of an unusual form of haemophilia, more than 20 years after his original discovery.
07 March 2013
With Australia lagging behind Europe and the US in research output, and with Asia catching up, urgent policy action is needed, writes Professor Merlin Crossley.
Professor Malcolm Walter
05 March 2013
Tourist "astronaut" millionaire Dennis Tito's quest to send an older couple to Mars could be a catalyst for further human exploration in space, writes Malcolm Walter.
Emily Shaw
05 March 2013
Ocean acidification has been described as the evil twin of global warming and is becoming widely recognised as one of the top threats to coral reefs, explains Emily Shaw.
Cattai Creek draining into the Manning
28 February 2013
In the wake of heavy flooding, poisonous acid plumes are beginning to form in coastal rivers across New South Wales causing severe environmental damage, UNSW researchers warn.
27 February 2013
Shallow coral reefs may be even more susceptible to increasing acidity caused by heightened levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and oceans than previously recognised.
Keith Leggett tagging one of his research subjects
27 February 2013
Australia’s only African elephant ecologist Keith Leggett is leading the charge in elephant sustainability studies, along with UNSW's first group of PhD students studying African ecology.
25 February 2013
Research revealing that genetic sequences once considered as "junk DNA" can regulate cancer genes could lead to the development of new cancer drugs to re-activate tumour suppressor genes.
21 February 2013
Big is often better, but when spiders are of a similar size, a male's success can depend on whether he is a sprinter or a marathon runner, explains Dr Michael Kasumovic.
20 February 2013
From new ways to protect snow leopards in the Himalaya to keeping native Australian mammals as pets, Asia-Pacific communities are rising to the challenge of reconciling conservation with development.
Asteroid mining_NASA
19 February 2013
While mining in space is still confined to science fiction, a growing number of engineers, entrepreneurs and explorers are looking skyward and pondering the prospect of extracting valuable off-Earth minerals.
13 February 2013
Disturbed landscapes, such as mine sites, which have been deemed to be successfully restored, won't necessarily see the return of wildlife such as koalas, a landmark Australian study finds.
12 February 2013
Good science is unpredictable, says Scientia Professor Victor Flambaum, who has been honoured with a prestigious Humboldt Award for his lifetime achievements in research.
05 February 2013
Speaking at an exclusive UNSW event, the inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, urged students to play a role in developing the web's next big idea.
05 February 2013
UNSW researchers have found that cyclists who do not wear helmets are more likely to engage in risky riding behaviours and be involved in more severe crashes than those who wear protective headgear.
04 February 2013
The factors involved in the historical decline of contemporary mammals need to be identified to guard against future biodiversity loss, argues Marie Attard.
01 February 2013
The formation of the Antarctic ozone hole has caused changes in the way waters in the southern oceans mix, with possible impacts on climate change, a new study suggests.
An artist's depiction of NASA's Curiosity rover on the Martian surface (Image Credit: NASA)
01 February 2013
If humans hope to return to space for mining or to further explore the solar system, robots will inevitably play a major role, writes Gordon Roesler.
31 January 2013
UNSW and Parks Australia researchers were surprised to come across a very rare piebald fairy penguin chick during field research on the NSW South Coast.
30 January 2013
UNSW's Dr Ravindra Rajarao will be among young leaders from India and Australia gathering this week for a three day conference aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries.
24 January 2013
While their friends at home have been sweltering, UNSW scientists, including PhD student Geoff Sims, have just spent five nights camping out in Antarctica in temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees.
23 January 2013
Beyond science fiction, future space colonies will be driven by the prospect of off-Earth mining, but for this to happen there needs to be a solid business model, writes Professor Andrew Dempster.
16 January 2013
Dr Lisa Alexander, a UNSW expert in climate extremes, has been honoured by the Australian Academy of Science in its awards for scientific excellence.
brain blue
10 January 2013
So far there is no simple explanation for déjà vu, but advances in neuroimaging techniques may aid our understanding of memory and the tricks our minds play, writes Amy Reichelt.