Science & Technology

28 November 2013
Winemakers will gain new insight into the micro-organisms in their ferments thanks to a new a research partnership between the Australian Wine Research Institute and UNSW’s Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics.
27 November 2013
Rip currents claim more lives in Australia on average each year than bushfires, floods, cyclones and sharks combined, UNSW research shows.
22 November 2013
A UNSW-led team of Australian researchers who succeeded in growing cloned embryos containing the DNA of an extinct frog has been named in Time magazine’s top 25 inventions for 2013.
22 November 2013
Eminent British physicist, Professor Sir Michael Pepper, has been awarded UNSW’s highest honour – the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.
22 November 2013
Critics of a popular Instagram contributor should read up on nutrition science before attacking her vegan diet, argues Rebecca LeBard. 
Mike Manefield
21 November 2013
Three UNSW researchers are finalists in The Australian Innovation Challenge, a competition that offers cash prizes to commercialise the country’s best ideas.
18 November 2013
UNSW Science postgraduate research students have helped found the Sydney Society for Conservation Biology and will launch a "Conservation Conversations" public seminar series at UNSW this week.
18 November 2013
Unusual El Niños, like those that led to the extraordinary super El Niño years of 1982 and 1997, will occur twice as often under even modest global warming scenarios.
14 November 2013
With so many daily distractions, we live in a procrastinator's paradise, but accepting we are prone to delaying unpleasant tasks can allow us to manage our behaviour and become more productive, writes Amy Reichelt.
14 November 2013
Online, businesses are fuelled by economic forces that favour the creation of superstars at the expense of all but the smallest of niche rivals, writes Paul McCarthy. 
13 November 2013
India's mission to Mars will search for methane and could reveal an important aspect about the history of water on the red planet, writes Malcolm Walter.
11 November 2013
An Australian expert on remote sensing technology has been honoured for his contributions to the field’s development throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
06 November 2013
Mission-directed research has become dominant but it is curiosity-driven research that leads to breakthroughs, making long-term commitment to both vital, writes Merlin Crossley.
05 November 2013
An extinct species of a carnivorous platypus about a metre long – the largest platypus ever found – has been discovered in the famous Riversleigh World Heritage Area by UNSW researchers.
04 November 2013
Introducing a draft bill to remove the carbon tax is a symbolic first act of parliament for Prime Minister Tony Abbott but he faces a rocky road in getting a deal done, writes Donna Green.
04 November 2013
UNSW researchers investigating nanomedicine, smart plastics, cellular biology and the physics of the early universe, have won four of the eight NSW Science and Engineering Awards for 2013.
01 November 2013
UNSW scientists carrying out research on mental health, the laws of the universe, energy storage and climate extremes have won five of this year’s nine NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.
31 October 2013
An increase in aridity due to global warming will disturb the balance of nutrients in the soil and reduce productivity of the world’s drylands, which support millions of people, a landmark study predicts.
31 October 2013
Progress in the research to build the components of quantum computers allows us to teach the discipline in a more hands-on style. This couldn't have been done 15 years ago, writes Andrea Morello. 
31 October 2013
 It's time for us to roll up our sleeves, establish collaborations between researchers with different areas of expertise, and use our data and theory to do something big, says Angela Moles. 
31 October 2013
It was a night to celebrate the visionary thinkers shaping our future. But there was one key person missing at the PM's Science Prizes – a Minister for Science. It's a glaring omission from the government's line-up that needs to be rectified, writes Les Field.
Associate Professor Angela Moles, winner of the 2013 Frank Fenner Prize for Life Scientist of the Year for her study of ecology at a global level.
30 October 2013
UNSW researchers Angela Moles and Andrea Morello have won two of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science – the nation’s most prestigious awards for excellence in science and science teaching.
30 October 2013
The Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing has been awarded to a leading astronomer, Professor Fred Watson, for Here come the ubernerds: Planets, Pluto and Prague.
29 October 2013
Chemical engineers have synthesised a new nanoparticle that delivers cancer drugs to cells while simultaneously monitoring the drug release in real time.
Dr Richard Corkish, Head of the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering
25 October 2013
Solar engineers from UNSW are partnering with a consortium of top US and European universities on next-generation silicon solar cells with targeted efficiencies of 29%.