Science & Technology

02 May 2013
A UNSW-led team of researchers has achieved a breakthrough that brings a network of ultra-powerful quantum computers – connected via a quantum internet – closer to reality.
01 May 2013
The mystery of why some people get fat eating high-fat foods while others can stay skinny on a diet of burgers and chips is closer to being solved.
30 April 2013
Measuring and monitoring Australia’s fresh water is increasingly important, and we need to invest in satellite technology to meet this challenge, argues Gordon Roesler.
26 April 2013
Although the ground-dwelling Mountain Pygmy-possum is highly vulnerable to extinction, it can be saved, write Hayley Bates and Haijing Shi.
26 April 2013
UNSW scientist and national sailing champion, Dr Federico Lauro, is leading a scientific expedition to sample the waters of the Indian Ocean.
26 April 2013
A low-cost wastewater treatment system built with recycled materials will help transfer Australian expertise to classrooms in Tunisia.
24 April 2013
Qualified science and maths teachers in schools should get a salary boost, and new money from the Gonski review could help pay for it, writes Merlin Crossley.
24 April 2013
UNSW Scientia Professor Mark Bradford has been elected a distinguished member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
brien holden
23 April 2013
The World Council of Optometry has awarded eye care innovator Professor Brien Holden with its highest honour, the Distinguished Service Medal.
23 April 2013
Science is expensive but cutting spending will be more costly in the long run, warns Professor Merlin Crossley.
water pollution_crop
23 April 2013
The real and direct impact of ocean-going plastic is not where it ends up, but the route it takes from our beaches to the great ocean garbage patches, writes Erik Van Sebille.
22 April 2013
The first continental-scale reconstruction of temperatures over the past 2000 years highlights the unusual nature of the 20th century warming.
“Artist’s impression of a single phosphorus atom, placed in the vicinity of a silicon transistor. The atom is irradiated by microwaves to write quantum information on the spin of its nucleus, indicated by the arrow. The actual size of the nucleus is only one-millionth of the size of the atom.” Credit: Tony Melov
18 April 2013
In a world-first result, engineers from UNSW have demonstrated a quantum bit based on the nucleus of a single atom in silicon.
17 April 2013
People given large servings of food eat more than those given smaller servings, even after they have been taught about the impact, UNSW research shows
17 April 2013
It's impolite to draw attention to a comb-over, but the time has to come to speak about the cleverly disguised shortages affecting research funding, writes Merlin Crossley.
15 April 2013
Genes aren’t the be-all-and-end-all – there are other factors that influence you, writes Merlin Crossley.
12 April 2013
A linkage project between UNSW and Boeing will offer new insight into the durability of composite materials used in modern aircraft.
12 April 2013
Discoveries in human evolution, such as the Australopithecus sediba remains, get a disproportionate amount of attention in science journals and the media, writes Associate Professor Darren Curnoe.
12 April 2013
A UNSW research centre investigating three high-value industries was launched in Beijing this week by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
10 April 2013
It's an old myth that renewable energy is unreliable in supplying base-load demand, or that it is unaffordable. All we need are effective policies to drive the transition, writes Mark Diesendorf.
Michelangelo's Renaissance masterpiece: David
09 April 2013
Genitalia tend to vary more dramatically than other physical traits and evolutionary biology has made stunning progress in resolving why, writes Professor Rob Brooks
08 April 2013
Following the release of the federal government's space policy, Professor Andrew Dempster warns that Australia's lack of a space agency and earth observation satellites could leave us vulnerable.
05 April 2013
Wearing overnight specially designed rigid contact lenses that reshape the eye could remove the need for reading glasses in middle age, a UNSW study shows.
04 April 2013
A new Masters program in Satellite Systems Engineering is the first of its kind in Australia and will help keep talented students in the country to bolster the space industry.
03 April 2013
A carbon price of between $50 and $100 per tonne would make coal-fired and gas-fired power less economical than renewable electricity, a UNSW study shows.