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15 November 2012
Five distinguished UNSW researchers have been recognised for excellence across three very different categories in this year's New South Wales Scientist of the Year awards.
15 November 2012
China needs creative solutions to the problems that unprecedented numbers of young men will cause as they come of age in the next two decades, argues Rob Brooks.
chimp crop
12 November 2012
Automated cameras and microphones will help better connect the public with life in the wild, writes Dustin Welbourne.
Credit: Wikimedia
06 November 2012
A new study of ancient shoulder bones from Ethiopia has important implications for understanding the course of our evolution, writes Darren Curnoe.
Scientia Professor Rose Amal
01 November 2012
Three engineers from UNSW have been honoured as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.
30 October 2012
Professor Veena Sahajwalla has been recognised as "one of the world's leading innovators in the field of sustainable materials use".
30 October 2012
A modest amount of 'grandmothering' can lead to the evolution of an extended lifespan, suggests Rob Brooks.
26 October 2012
Innovative work in the fields of medicine, science and engineering has won UNSW researchers six of this year’s nine NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.
26 October 2012
Flooding risk is often used as an argument against greater environmental flows for the Murray-Darling, but graziers would benefit greatly from floods, writes Richard Kingsford.
Professor Richard Kingsford
24 October 2012
Scientists at UNSW have for the first time investigated the likely impact of planned environmental flows on farmlands around the Murray-Darling Basin.
Scientia Professor Nigel Lovell and Associate Professor Gregg Suaning
22 October 2012
For their pioneering work on developing a bionic eye, two UNSW engineers have been honoured with a prestigious research achievement award.
Professor Mark Willcox
19 October 2012
UNSW researchers Mark Willcox and Jayashree Arcot will travel to India next year under the government’s Australia-India Senior Visiting Fellowships scheme.
18 October 2012
With much to gain, it’s time for universities and their researchers to finally break free from a closed world of knowledge and embrace the openess of online, writes Justin O'Brien.
17 October 2012
Rats' keen sense of smell can be exploited to dramatically reduce the frequency of attacks on native birds, a new study suggests.
Richard Buckland
15 October 2012
UNSW is the first Australian university to offer a free online computing course thanks to an innovative new social learning platform.
15 October 2012
A group of female dolphins has been learning from their mothers to use sponges to help catch fish for at least 180 years, a study has found.
11 October 2012
The winners of the Nobel Prize have shown that quantum mechanics has many exciting applications, ranging from quantum computing to foundations of quantum theory, explains Andrea Morello.
A microscopic view of the the sea urchin's hollow spine
03 October 2012
Australian engineers have modelled the microscopic mechanics of a sea urchin’s spine, gaining insight into how these unusual creatures withstand impacts in their aquatic environment.
03 October 2012
The combined effect of compulsory helmets for riders and providing cycleways and other infrastructure has reduced by about half the serious head-injuries associated with cycling in NSW.
02 October 2012
Our memories – good or bad – form parts of our identities and simply removing aspects of our character may have serious consequences, writes Amy Reichelt.
Scientia Professor Rose Amal
26 September 2012
Innovative research into functional nanoparticles has earned Scientia Professor Rose Amal one of Australasia’s highest honours for chemical engineers, the ExxonMobil Award.
24 September 2012
From developing futuristic drugs to understanding how underdogs survive, two UNSW rising stars have been honoured with prestigious early career research awards.
Professor Elanor Huntington in the UNSW Canberra laser labs.
21 September 2012
An international team of physicists has pushed the boundaries on ultra-precise measurement by harnessing the unusual properties of quantum light waves in a new way.
20 September 2012
A research team led by Australian engineers has created the first working quantum bit based on a single atom in silicon, opening the way to ultra-powerful quantum computers of the future.
19 September 2012
A huge "forgotten" meteor 2.5 million years ago not only generated a massive tsunami across the Pacific but also may have plunged the world into the Ice Ages, a new UNSW study suggests.