Science & Technology

The proportion of 18-24 year-olds who correctly answered that it takes one year for the Earth to orbit the sun fell to 62%, from 74% in 2010. (Image credit: NASA).
17 July 2013
A national survey has found that fewer than two out of three young Australians are able to identify the time it takes for the Earth to travel around the sun.
12 July 2013
UNSW is hosting the annual conference of the Genetics Society of AustralAsia, with more than 250 scientists gathering to discuss the latest genetic research on a wide variety of animals.
12 July 2013
Upgrading our ageing air traffic management infrastructure by importing off-the-shelf solutions does nothing to build local capacity and could jeopardise the future safety of our skies, writes Hussein Abbass.
11 July 2013
The stricken Kepler space observatory has been the most revolutionary facility astronomy has seen in more than two decades and it is vital it be restarted, writes Professor Chris Tinney.
Cerium (IV) dimers and trimers form in aqueous solution nanometer-sized cerium dioxide crystals (CeO2). The size of the nanocrystals is in the order of two to three nanometers. (Credit: Dr Atsushi Ikeda-Ohno)
10 July 2013
A simplified technique to fabricate nano-crystals with wide-ranging industrial applications has been “unexpectedly” demonstrated by a UNSW chemist.
09 July 2013
Bionic eye research at UNSW will benefit from an $8 million funding boost from the Australian Research Council over the next year.
09 July 2013
Quantum researcher Michelle Simmons has been awarded a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship and her PhD student has won the 2013 Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics.
09 July 2013
An expansion of concrete and asphalt on the fringes of our cities could see urban temperatures rise by as much as 3.7 degrees, UNSW research shows.
08 July 2013
A smartphone app that doubles as a navigation aid is giving people with a visual impairment the confidence to explore.
05 July 2013
UNSW will host the annual scientific meeting of the Australian Mammal Society, a thee-day conference focusing on the conservation and management of a wide range of mammal species.
Twin brothers Douglas (Left) and Alex Dunn from the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering
05 July 2013
Twin brothers Alex and Douglas Dunn have won prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships to continue their cancer research in London.
05 July 2013
UNSW physicists have studied a distant star where gravity is more than 30,000 times greater than on Earth to test their controversial theory that one of the constants of Nature is not a constant.
03 July 2013
Scientists on a UNSW-led expedition to study microbes in the Indian Ocean have weathered huge seas, encountered giant whales and collected lots of data during the first leg of their voyage from South Africa to Mauritius.
01 July 2013
A UNSW-led initiative using online tools such as game-like quests and virtual labs to teach maths and science to high school students has been awarded a $1.64 million grant.
01 July 2013
A bizarre, pouched super-predator that terrorised South America millions of years ago had huge sabre-like teeth but its bite was weaker than that of a domestic cat, new research shows.
01 July 2013
The real impacts of the carbon price will emerge over the coming decades with growing pressure to transform our economy, write Jenny Riesz and Roger Dargaville.
27 June 2013
UNSW Dean of Science, Merlin Crossley, has called for a National Teaching Post-doctoral Fellowship Scheme to encourage PhD graduates to become science and maths teachers in schools.
25 June 2013
The Renewable Energy Target does a good job supporting wind power, but other agencies are needed to get a diversity of renewables, writes Jenny Riesz.
25 June 2013
Three UNSW academics including the Dean of Science have been chosen to discuss the state of maths and science education at a public symposium in Canberra.
An artist's impression of a nano-bot (Credit: Christian Darkin, gettyimages)
24 June 2013
The next frontier in medicine is taking place on the molecular scale and improving our fight against several currently incurable diseases, including chemo-resistant cancers.
24 June 2013
The future of education will be digital, on-demand and mobile, and online mathematics resources could complement classroom teaching and inspire more high school students, writes Dr Chris Tisdell.
Professor Graham Davies, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
20 June 2013
Three UNSW Professors, including the Dean of Engineering, have been named in Engineers Australia's annual top 100 list recognising the country’s most influential engineers.
19 June 2013
UNSW researchers have proposed a new way to distinguish between quantum bits placed together in a silicon chip, taking them closer to the construction of a large-scale quantum computer.
Professor Merlin Crossley, Dean of UNSW Science
17 June 2013
Higher university entry scores for teaching and greater financial rewards on graduation are among the changes needed to address a shortage of top science teachers, writes Merlin Crossley.
Sunswift's fifth generation car eVe - a more "human friendly" solar vehicle
14 June 2013
The future of solar-powered vehicles in Australia is being re-imagined by a group of talented UNSW students determined to make a more "human friendly" car.