Science & Technology

A robotic tractor and seeding machine developed at UNSW.
05 June 2013
A robotic tractor and seeding machine developed at UNSW will improve agricultural productivity for farmers and enable cropping on 20% more land.
05 June 2013
Technology that allows people to don the skin of a dark-skinned avatar could significantly decrease an individual's racial biases, writes Michael Kasumovic.
04 June 2013
Catching the attention of females in a darkened rainforest amid a blur of windblown vegetation is no easy task, but male Anolis lizards on the island of Jamaica have evolved an ideal visual technique.
04 June 2013
To celebrate the centenary of Sir Douglas Mawson’s expedition to Antarctica, UNSW scientists are leading a modern-day voyage to retrace the route taken by the great Australian scientist and explorer.
Dr Fidelis Suorineni has been appointed to the Chair of Mine Geotechnical Engineering
04 June 2013
An international mining expert with research and consultancy experience on three continents has been appointed to the Chair of Mine Geotechnical Engineering at UNSW.
29 May 2013
An extinct species of koala that lived in the rainforest canopies of northern Australia about 20 million years ago has been named after a famous Australian – Dick Smith.
28 May 2013
Professor Chris Turney will deliver the year's first Brainfood public lecture and announce plans for an expedition to Antarctica to retrace the footsteps of the great scientist and explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.
Pegasus - a next-generation helmet is the basis of one UNSW student start-up
24 May 2013
A new initiative is helping UNSW student entrepreneurs grow their companies and retain full ownership of intellectual property they develop.
23 May 2013
A new study has found a link between the upper-body strength of men and their attitudes to the redistribution of income and wealth in modern society, writes Professor Rob Brooks.
21 May 2013
An apparent slow-down in global warming during the past decade does not change best estimates of the long term response to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, writes Dr Steven Phipps.
16 May 2013
A better understanding of how lying evolves might help constrain the worst dishonesties in politics, public relations and propaganda, writes Professor Rob Brooks.
16 May 2013
Studies have shown that thinking about "smart" words can make you perform more intelligently in subsequent tasks, and vice versa. But it's a contentious area of research, writes Ben Newell.
16 May 2013
UNSW Canberra research suggests that 'wild’ fires like those that devastated the Warrumbungles are neither unexpected nor unpredictable, with implications for the way emergency personnel should respond.
14 May 2013
Nature doesn't always abide by arbitrary borders, which is why local governments need to pool their resources to tackle coastal management, writes Tom FitzGerald.
14 May 2013
Recent advances in deep brain stimulation have brought relief to patients with a range of neurological disorders, writes Dr Amy Reichelt.
Tomago wetlands - 2007 before the tide was restored (left) and in 2012.  after
13 May 2013
A near decade-long restoration of a Hunter Valley wetland has earned a team of UNSW engineers a National Trust Heritage Award for conservation.
13 May 2013
Carbon dioxide levels have risen above 400 parts-per-million, but geoengineering is no alternative to reducing emissions, writes Professor Steve Sherwood.
09 May 2013
Undergraduate computing students from UNSW have cleaned up at a national cyber security challenge run by the Australian government.
09 May 2013
UNSW scientists have led the development of a new Red List system for identifying ecosystems at high risk of degradation, similar to the influential Red List for the world’s threatened species.
Artist's impression of Bacillus bacteria.
08 May 2013
More work is needed to understand how certain micro-organisms respond to the disinfecting properties of silver nano-particles, UNSW researchers caution.
07 May 2013
Veena Sahajwalla has become the first Australian to deliver the global iron and steel industry's most prestigious lecture, outlining the industry's role in solving the world’s growing waste problems.
07 May 2013
UNSW will establish a research and training centre aimed at bolstering the Australian food industry after receiving more than $2 million in funding from the Australian Research Council.
07 May 2013
Most species of gigantic animals that once roamed Australia had already disappeared by the time people arrived, a major review of the available evidence has concluded.
06 May 2013
Engineers from UNSW have developed an innovative method to dramatically improve the performance of low-grade silicon and reduce the cost of solar panels.
06 May 2013
A global, online survey has been launched to see whether surfers are the unsung “guardians” of the beach, rescuing people who might otherwise have drowned.