Science & Technology

11 September 2013
Just looking at the title of a research proposal is no way to decide its relevance and impact on society; a deeper analysis is needed, writes Merlin Crossley.
10 September 2013
Even under a conservative government, coal-fired electricity has no future and the power of public opinion will force rapid, effective action on climate change, writes Mark Diesendorf.
09 September 2013
The discovery of the Red Deer Cave people by UNSW's Darren Curnoe has been named the world's top archaeological research finding for 2011-2012 at the inaugural Shanghai Archaeological Forum.
09 September 2013
In an Australian-first experiment, UNSW researchers are using high-resolution sonar equipment to monitor the fish that swim in and out of Narrabeen Lagoon on Sydney’s northern beaches.
08 September 2013
The Australian Energy Market Operator's determination that 100 per cent renewable energy is feasible carries a hefty credibility, writes Jenny Riesz. 
05 September 2013
Coal-fired electricity may have little or no economic future in Australia, even if carbon capture and storage becomes commercially available, a new analysis has found.
05 September 2013
Perhaps the explanation for why women orgasm is as simple as it's a pleasant reward for doing what's good for the species, argues Rob Brooks.
05 September 2013
Research projects on evolution, dingoes, and the battle against HIV/AIDS have won three UNSW scientists prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.
03 September 2013
The raw materials needed to sustain the economies of developed countries is significantly more than present indicators suggest, a new Australian study has revealed.
02 September 2013
Canadian scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster Dr David Suzuki will present the 2013 Jack Beale Lecture on the Global Environment later this month.
28 August 2013
For Australia to become an idea launcher, it needs to institute a culture that makes big, bold bets on new discoveries to allow them to flourish, writes Ben McNeil. 
27 August 2013
Stable investment in research and development is vital to Australia's economic future, yet only the Greens so far have released a dedicated policy, writes Merlin Crossley.
21 August 2013
Our future depends on the environment providing what we need, but it is still regarded as a magic pudding, with policies for development of natural resources outweighing those to protect them, writes Richard Kingsford.
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20 August 2013
After an international search, leading expert on cell biology and regenerative medicine, Professor Melissa Knothe Tate, has been named the new Paul Trainor Chair of Biomedical Engineering. 
Associate Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (Front page image - credit iStock photo)
19 August 2013
A new review shows UNSW leads Australian universities in the number of graduates who have founded technology start-ups in the last 15 years.
15 August 2013
Wildlife photography acts as a torch, shining a light onto the face of extinction so that extraordinary species are not lost to the darkness. But it is then up to the rest of us to act and make a change, writes Dustin Welbourne. 
14 August 2013
Vigorous public debate about internet surveillence is crucial if we are to safeguard citizens' rights while meeting the reasonable needs of security agencies, writes Srikumar Venugopal.  
14 August 2013
For sea squirts the key to a long and happy life is to be fertilised not by a fast sperm, but by one that stands the test of time, a study has revealed. 
Sunswift's fifth generation car eVe unveiled at UNSW
12 August 2013
A team of UNSW students re-imagining the future of solar-powered vehicles has unveiled its new-look racer in Sydney.
12 August 2013
Computing lecturer and avid proponent of open education Richard Buckland has been recognised with a national award for teaching excellence.
08 August 2013
The first Muslim woman to hold office in an Australian parliament has been honoured in the annual Women in Engineering Awards. 
07 August 2013
Massive open online courses will improve university teaching by revealing how well students engage and by allowing lecturers to assess different approaches, writes Merlin Crossley.
07 August 2013
An evening of science and humour with some of the world’s top online science communication celebrities – including Facebook phenomenon, Elise Andrew – will be a highlight of National Science Week.
06 August 2013
A UNSW spinoff company with a promising optical sensor technology has declined a $10 million Chinese offer to move offshore, opting instead to pursue their start-up dream in Australia.
05 August 2013
There is a hole in the Australian public administration where a space agency should be, writes Andrew Dempster.