Science & Technology

19 September 2012
Fast-flowing and narrow glaciers have the potential to trigger massive changes in the Antarctic ice sheet and contribute to rapid ice-sheet decay and sea-level rise, a new study has found.
12 September 2012
Money is considered to be the top priority in planning for retirement, but a more pertinent question to ask is how do you want to live, says psychologist Dr Joanne Earl.
10 September 2012
Cultivating bacteria that break down industrial toxins in contaminated groundwater has won researchers the 2012 UNSW Innovation Award.
10 September 2012
Mathematical models are being used to identify high-risk passenger air traffic routes for spreading disease, helping to avert potential pandemics.
07 September 2012
Increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events will have unforeseen impacts on the quality of our drinking water, UNSW researchers warn.
Dr Jay Giedd
07 September 2012
Parents have good reason to feel overwhelmed by the digital revolution consuming their teenagers. As far as the physiology of our brains goes, we adults will never keep up, writes Dr Jay Giedd.
05 September 2012
An advanced technology being pioneered at UNSW to improve the efficiency of first generation silicon solar cells has turned two of the world’s leading solar manufacturers - Hanwha Solar and Suntech Power - into unlikely collaborators.
04 September 2012
I have been searching for evidence of extra-terrestrial life since the 1980s. I believe that we will probably find it, writes Malcolm Walter.
AERI Director Professor Vassilios Agelidis
30 August 2012
The future of energy markets came under the spotlight at a major forum hosted by UNSW’s Australian Energy Research Institute.
29 August 2012
Research suggesting the laws of physics may vary across the cosmos, science that helps save lives in the surf, and technology to boost the extraction of hydrocarbon have won UNSW researchers three top Eureka Prizes.
20 August 2012
Trying to learn a piano piece or master a new dance step? Make sure you take good breaks while training, a new study suggests.
17 August 2012
Uncovering the aerodynamic secrets of insect flight to create micro-air vehicles has won UNSW Canberra’s John Young the 2012 ACT Young Tall Poppy of the Year award.
Dr Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou from the School of Chemical Engineering
15 August 2012
UNSW engineers have demonstrated for the first time that hydrogen can be released and reabsorbed from a promising storage material, overcoming a major hurdle to its use as an alternative fuel source.
Sarnia Solar Farm, Canada, 80 MW (Photo: First Solar)
14 August 2012
UNSW and the University of Queensland have secured $41 million in federal funding to lead two major photovoltaic research projects under the Solar Flagships program.
08 August 2012
Two UNSW projects to revolutionise biomedical training and boost the number of students studying science and engineering have been awarded $6.2 million in federal NBN funding.
Does Australia's lack of earth observation satellites make us vulnerable?
07 August 2012
Australia's current practice of sourcing critical earth observation satellite data from foreign nations will leave us vulnerable, writes Andrew Dempster.
Artist's impression of the laser-based sensor augmenting a pitot tube
03 August 2012
A low-cost laser sensor that can quickly and accurately measure the velocity of commercial aircraft could complement existing sensors and help prevent fatal crashes, say UNSW engineers.
(L-R) Kean Yap, Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson, Jonathon Dore
03 August 2012
How does a music festival at an old coalmine in Germany inspire a technique for developing cheap silicon solar cells? For PhD student Jonathon Dore the three-minute answer is lasers.
01 August 2012
Two common viruses known to be associated with human cancers are both present – and may even be collaborating with each other – in most male prostate cancers, a new study suggests.
31 July 2012
The greatest diversity of small insect-eating microbats in the Sydney region is not in the national parks that ring the city but in the western suburbs, according to a new study.
27 July 2012
In subject areas as diverse as preventing beach drownings and understanding the cosmos, six UNSW-affiliated researchers have been singled out as finalists for prestigious Eureka Prizes.
The School of Petroleum Engineering at UNSW has forged an important research agr
24 July 2012
UNSW engineers have forged an important research agreement with the India-based Oil and Natural Gas Corporation to evaluate the production potential of an unconventional oil resource.
24 July 2012
A world-first digital application allowing archaeologists to share information directly from the field is set to revolutionise archaeology.
20 July 2012
Nobel laureate for Physics Professor Brian Schmidt described to a packed audience at UNSW the startling discovery that the universe is accelerating.
18 July 2012
It's high time we learned to adapt to our land of droughts and flooding rains, rather than failing time and time again to try to make it adapt to us, writes Richard Kingsford.