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28 August 14

Designers need to negotiate the sometimes delicate, sometimes clunky borders and controls that connect consumers to machines, writes Ross Harley.

28 August 14

Recent changes at ABC Classic FM raise key policy issues relating to the ABC's role and relationship to its audience, writes Jenny Stewart.

28 August 14

UNSW researchers are developing drugs tailored to an individual patient and delivered directly to a target organ as part of a new Centre of Excellence that explores medical innovation at the molecular level.

28 August 14

An arts residency at a juvenile detention centre has helped art and design lecturer Zanny Begg challenge the institutional disempowerment young men face when imprisoned.

28 August 14

Melbourne Museum’s new exhibition, with its well chosen artefacts, tells the human stories of Australians in WWI, writes Peter Stanley.

28 August 14

A penalty of five years’ imprisonment for a person who discloses information relating to a special intelligence operation would have a chilling effect on media freedom, writes Keiran Hardy.

28 August 14

Detecting and treating patients before they have a cardiac arrest isn’t rocket science, but it’s a life saver, writes Ken Hillman.

27 August 14

A diet of junk food not only makes rats fat, it also reduces their appetite for novel foods and a balanced diet, UNSW research shows.

27 August 14

Old-fashioned good manners and a simple thank you are among the best ways to establish new relationships, UNSW research shows.

26 August 14

Brain studies are revealing why some people – and not others – can hold huge amounts of information in their mind and manipulate it, writes Joel Pearson.