The Hague calling

The Hague calling
02 March 2012

Research into gender-based crimes has secured PhD student Rosemary Grey an invitation to a prestigious Hague Symposium on international justice.

The Hague Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions and International Justice brings together more than 60 0f the world’s brightest young minds from top law schools, graduate institutions, judiciaries, and the military.

Grey, who is currently completing her PhD on international criminal law and sexual violence crimes, said the invitation will give her the opportunity to extend her research.

“The Symposium is very expansive because it considers human rights abuses broadly. I’m looking forward to studying wider pushes for justice and accountability, in areas other than gender violence,” she said.

Participants undergo intensive training from leading political leaders, academics and practitioners in the skills necessary to holistically restructure a society after violent conflict.

Grey assisted in organising UNSW’s recent International Criminal Court Conference (ICC) that brought senior officials and dignitaries including the Court’s President and the newly elected Chief Prosecutor, to Sydney for the first time.

She believes the ICC has a progressive approach to addressing gender-based crimes.

“The Court’s statute acknowledges crimes like enforced sterilisation and prostitution and sexual enslavement. The ICC is an interesting case study because it is still in its infancy and is yet to complete its first trial.”

Grey has previously studied overseas, including Islamic politics at Amsterdam University and an internship with the International Bar Association at The Hague. 

Professor Louise Chappell, PhD supervisor in the School of Social Sciences, says she is incredibly proud of Grey’s selection for the prestigious program. 

“Rosemary is doing groundbreaking research which will contribute to strengthening the prosecutorial strategy at the ICC in relation to gender-based violence. The symposium will provide her with new insights into the entire international human rights protection regime which will be a great boost to her research. “

Grey will travel to The Netherlands in July.

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