Social Affairs

22 April 2013
People with disabilities face extraordinary barriers to justice, experts have warned at an Australian Human Rights Commission meeting held at UNSW.
16 April 2013
An historical account of double-entry bookkeeping and a novel exploring human-animal relationships have won two PhD students places on the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards shortlist.
12 April 2013
The legal penalties associated with sexting are too harsh, and adult reactions can increase young people’s sense of shame, UNSW-led research has found.
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12 April 2013
Julia Gillard has achieved a significant foreign policy coup in China, although progress has stalled on a bilateral free-trade agreement, writes Laurie Pearcey.
10 April 2013
It is important for Australia to get a front row seat in China so soon after the dust has settled on the country's new leadership, writes Laurie Pearcey.
08 April 2013
Ironically, the most important outcome of improved defence ties with Indonesia may well be political rather than strategic, writes Alan Dupont.
07 April 2013
NAPLAN is a high-stakes test - schools are held publicly accountable for its results - and high-stakes tests are known to lead to unethical, unscrupulous, and sometimes corrupt behaviour, writes Leila Morsy.
03 April 2013
The current political meltdown is not all about personality issues - the party is at war because there are traditions jostling for dominance, argues Lindy Edwards.
21 March 2013
The NSW government has thrown its support behind a landmark report by UNSW’s Professor Deborah Brennan, by announcing a $20 million injection into the state's preschools.
20 March 2013
New research shows that early intervention and support for families is critical if foster children are to be reunited quickly and safely with their birth parents.
28 February 2013
Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter has called for a focus on moral education to counter violence in society.
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27 February 2013
While social media has yet to be fully embraced by Australian academics, its capacity for information sharing and building connections cannot be ignored, explains Ben Harris-Roxas.
Alcohol-fueled violence
26 February 2013
Generally speaking, if a population drinks more, there will be more harm from alcohol. But this link now appears to be unravelling, writes Michael Livingston.
22 February 2013
Ela Gandhi will discuss her grandfather's legacy of nonviolent resistance, social justice, and respect for the environment in a free public lecture at UNSW.
18 February 2013
Australia is at the forefront of a wholly new approach to dealing with the impacts of domestic violence, write Inara Walden and Ludo McFerran of the Safe at Home, Safe at Work Project at UNSW.
18 February 2013
Dr Geoff Nathan outlines why Pope Benedict XVI saw it necessary to relinquish his title and reflects on the future direction of the Catholic Church.
17 February 2013
While we're so outraged by the unfolding doping scandal within sport, we're ignoring the growing use of performance enhancement in society as a whole, writes Jason Mazanov.
12 February 2013
The technology exists, now all we need are government and employer targets to encourage men to 'telecommute' to work two to three days a week, argues Dr Lindy Edwards.
11 February 2013
Natasha Butorac is one of 24 UNSW students selected to debate major international issues at the World Model United Nations Conference in Melbourne.
08 February 2013
Not only is Eddie Obeid an old acquaintance of ICAC's, he is the link between successive political casualties, argues Mark Rolfe.
07 February 2013
Corporate involvement in public education is often met with suspicion. As it should be in the case of the Narara Valley High School's formal partnership with NuCoal Resources, argues Dr Leila Morsy.
31 January 2013
Thousands more gifted students are now able to jump a class, thanks to a landmark book on accelerated learning.
31 January 2013
Mahatma Gandhi’s central messages on women’s rights, the environment, animal rights and sexuality, continue to “challenge us, disturb us and shake us out of our complacency,” Michael Kirby has told a capacity audience at UNSW’s Gandhi Oration.
Daniel Guo
25 January 2013
Piano virtuoso Daniel Guo is one of an elite group of students merging their science and musical talents in a unique dual degree.
Monika Barthwal-Datta
25 January 2013
The future of Australia-India relations rests in the hands of the youth of both countries, writes Monika Barthwal-Datta.