Social Affairs

Alcohol-fueled violence
26 February 2013
Generally speaking, if a population drinks more, there will be more harm from alcohol. But this link now appears to be unravelling, writes Michael Livingston.
22 February 2013
Ela Gandhi will discuss her grandfather's legacy of nonviolent resistance, social justice, and respect for the environment in a free public lecture at UNSW.
18 February 2013
Australia is at the forefront of a wholly new approach to dealing with the impacts of domestic violence, write Inara Walden and Ludo McFerran of the Safe at Home, Safe at Work Project at UNSW.
18 February 2013
Dr Geoff Nathan outlines why Pope Benedict XVI saw it necessary to relinquish his title and reflects on the future direction of the Catholic Church.
17 February 2013
While we're so outraged by the unfolding doping scandal within sport, we're ignoring the growing use of performance enhancement in society as a whole, writes Jason Mazanov.
12 February 2013
The technology exists, now all we need are government and employer targets to encourage men to 'telecommute' to work two to three days a week, argues Dr Lindy Edwards.
11 February 2013
Natasha Butorac is one of 24 UNSW students selected to debate major international issues at the World Model United Nations Conference in Melbourne.
08 February 2013
Not only is Eddie Obeid an old acquaintance of ICAC's, he is the link between successive political casualties, argues Mark Rolfe.
07 February 2013
Corporate involvement in public education is often met with suspicion. As it should be in the case of the Narara Valley High School's formal partnership with NuCoal Resources, argues Dr Leila Morsy.
31 January 2013
Thousands more gifted students are now able to jump a class, thanks to a landmark book on accelerated learning.
31 January 2013
Mahatma Gandhi’s central messages on women’s rights, the environment, animal rights and sexuality, continue to “challenge us, disturb us and shake us out of our complacency,” Michael Kirby has told a capacity audience at UNSW’s Gandhi Oration.
Daniel Guo
25 January 2013
Piano virtuoso Daniel Guo is one of an elite group of students merging their science and musical talents in a unique dual degree.
Monika Barthwal-Datta
25 January 2013
The future of Australia-India relations rests in the hands of the youth of both countries, writes Monika Barthwal-Datta.
15 January 2013
One of Australia's most admired and respected public figures, former High Court Justice Michael Kirby, will deliver UNSW's 2013 Gandhi Oration on 30 January.
19 December 2012
We must recognise that war is a finite, extraordinary and unnatural state of affairs, not something entered into as a panacea capable of solving all problems, argues Ian Bickerton.
18 December 2012
The draft defence white paper might be flawed but it sheds light on the strategic changes most likely to destabilise out region, argues Alan Dupont.
urban farm
17 December 2012
Will an urban farming project be able to revitalise Detroit, ask Laura Crommelin and Christine Steinmetz.
12 December 2012
That Beijing sent its top brass to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations suggests China is interested in wider strategic engagement – a challenge Australia must accept if it is to thrive in the Asian Century, writes Laurie Pearcey.
12 December 2012
Inner city Australians enjoy a higher standard of living than their suburban and rural counterparts, according to new research from UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre.
12 December 2012
Despite encouraging increases in some areas, cycling to work in Sydney remains a minority activity. Much more needs to be done before it becomes widespread and the benefits are felt on a population level, write Alexis Zander and Chris Rissel.
Mans hand on wheelchair wheel
10 December 2012
The rollout of the NDIS is a step forward in establishing universal disability support for all Australians, but as always, the devil is in the detail, write Karen Soldatic and Leanne Dowse.
07 December 2012
A tall poppy fear or the absence of a competitive intellectual class. Why are Australians so reluctant when it comes to public intellectual life?
Older parent reads book to his child
06 December 2012
The unique needs of people with younger onset dementia have been addressed for the first time in new research by the Social Policy Research Centre.
30 November 2012
One million Australian employees now have access to paid domestic violence leave, the result of research led by UNSW’s Centre for Gender Related Violence Studies.
29 November 2012
With any luck the recommendations of the federal inquiry into workplace bullying will be enacted quickly, with appropriate resourcing and cooperation to make Australia a safer, better place to work, writes Carlo Caponecchia.