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6 February 15

UNSW scientists have achieved a world first, publishing the complete DNA sequence of the Queensland fruit fly – a development that will improve both biosecurity and methods for controlling this global horticultural pest.

5 February 15

The UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls are among several high-profile speakers at a major international conference on gendered violence hosted by UNSW.

A sensory experience - artist Tamara Dean with her installation Here and Now
5 February 15

The “breathtaking and cruel” nature of the Australian bush has been brought to life in a multi-sensory art installation by UNSW Media’s Artist-in-Residence Tamara Dean.

5 February 15

There are some important signs to look out for if you think your child might have a learning disabilitywrite Sue O'Neill, Iva Strnadová and Terry Cumming.

4 February 15

Erecting fences to stop cane toads entering man-made dams to cool down in hot, dry parts of Australia is an effective way to stop their spread, UNSW-led research shows.

3 February 15

Nine out of 10 coastal tourist parks in NSW are located adjacent to hazardous beaches, and about a third of these beaches are unpatrolled, a UNSW study shows.

Ka Wai Fan2
3 February 15

For PhD candidate Ka Wai Fan, an industry placement with global technology company 3M will provide a rare window into the corporate world.

3 February 15

An income-contingent loan system like HECS helps the market weave its magic, ensuring the price mechanism works even better. It’s time to stop apologising for it, argues Richard Holden.

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2 February 15

Ela Gandhi has delivered the 2015 Gandhi Oration, saying her grandfather's teachings are more relevant than ever, with Islamophobia, terrorism and climate change standing in the way of peace.

2 February 15

Inspired by her family's Aboriginal activism, Teela Reid has switched teaching for law and landed a coveted role working for Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum.