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2 May 14

It’s unrealistic and unfair to expect everyone to have the same retirement age, as it can can disadvantage groups with a systematically lower life expectancy, in particular the poor, writes Rafal Chomik. 

1 May 14

Nothing in the Commission of Audit report trumps the call for the Commonwealth to withdraw from areas that were once essentially state responsibilities, including education and health, writes Andrew Lynch.

1 May 14

The government’s proposed budget deficit levy will hit those earning just over $80k a year the hardest and more workers will fall into a higher tax bracket.

1 May 14

A breakthrough exchange agreement provides a major boost for UNSW students interested in studying in China as part of the Federal Government's New Colombo Plan.

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1 May 14

Public confidence will be shaken if it becomes acceptable for governments to jack up taxes because they don’t approve of previous policies, writes Richard Holden.

1 May 14

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes has told a UNSW public forum that increased employment for disabled Australians is critical to reducing the cost of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

1 May 14

As the government considers recommendations for changes to cervical cancer screening, UNSW is a leading partner in a major trial of the new technology in Victoria.


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1 May 14

Australia’s coastline has been struck by up to 145 possible tsunamis since prehistoric times, causing deaths previously unreported in the scientific literature, a UNSW study has revealed.

1 May 14

UNSW chemists have invented a new type of tiny lab-on-a-chip device that could have a diverse range of applications, including to detect toxic gases, fabricate integrated circuits and screen biological molecules.

30 April 14

Australia needs to do more to foster young entrepreneurs, says business student Bradley Kalgovas, who will convene a roundtable on innovation at the upcoming G20 Youth Forum in Germany.