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17 March 14

Party solidarity counts for little in the federalism sphere, and Tony Abbott's white paper may not go far enough in changing the settings and entrenched behaviours in Commonwealth-state relations, writes Andrew Lynch. 

17 March 14

Early indications suggest we could be facing a severe flu season, which means people in at-risk groups should get vaccinated as soon as possible, writes Raina MacIntyre. 

16 March 14

St Patrick's Day and Irish identity have become inseparable from Guinness, but is Ireland best served by aligning itself with a slickly marketed beverages company headquartered in London, asks Ronan McDonald.

A "pollinator" installs a solar lamp.
14 March 14

Engineering student Jiefei Wang spent four weeks in India, helping to provide solar power to the urban poor. He documented his work in a photo essay.

14 March 14

We can only consider the possibility of a universal constitution for the internet when we acknowledge the impact public and private choices have on shaping the web, write Lyria Bennett Moses and David Vaile. 


14 March 14

The construction of two large-scale solar photovoltaic power plants in NSW could be the tipping point for Australia's renewable energy industry, writes Vassilios Agelidis.

14 March 14

New 'lab-on-a-chip' devices could be made in seconds and at very low cost with a new manufacturing process developed by UNSW PhD candidate Ryan Pawell.


14 March 14

The recent High Court decision regarding native title rights in Western Australia has reminded governments that accepting coexistence might be wiser than insisting on extinguishment, writes Sean Brennan. 

13 March 14

Remote sensing satellites have advantages over conventional air and sea searches and could play a key role in locating the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, writes Linlin Ge. 

12 March 14

UNSW student Joany Badenhorst will be the first Australian woman to compete in para-snowboarding at the Sochi Winter Paralympics later this week.