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13 December 13

There is no better time to be an entrepreneur in Australia. UNSW is doing its part, producing more millionaire graduates and successful technology start-ups than any other Australian university.

12 December 13

South Africa's Acting High Commissioner to Australia and anti-apartheid activists will be among guests at a celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela at UNSW this Saturday.

12 December 13

In our Summer issue, we talk to refugee law expert Jane McAdam, investigate our remarkable record in producing millionaire graduates, and listen-in on a conversation with Australia’s most generous philanthropist, Frank Lowy.

12 December 13

It is time for science communication to get real with less emphasis on technology promotion and more acknowledgment of areas of uncertainty, alternatives and political commitments, write Matthew Kearnes and Georgia Miller. 

11 December 13

In recent years we have failed to apply some of the basic tenets of the competition policy reforms of the 1990s. The cost is our dire productivity performance, writes Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer. 

11 December 13

It's easy to feel disheartened by the bombardment of negative statistics about Indigenous health, but we shouldn't ignore the many successes, writes Lisa Jackson Pulver.

10 December 13

UNSW's Andrea Durbach has won the 2013 Australian Human Rights Law Award and paid tribute to the legacy and influence of Nelson Mandela on her extraordinary career. 

10 December 13

Tropfest is one of the most prestigious awards available to up-and-coming short filmmakers. And on Sunday it was awarded to a gross-out film that has offended and alienated many in its target audience, writes Greg Dolgopolov. 

10 December 13

Educationl games are proving to be disruptive technology, yet not all are created equal. Teachers must work out which ones empower students while avoiding the same old teacher-dominated pedagogy, writes Dean Groom. 

Vanessa Ung
10 December 13

Computer science student Vanessa Ung has been selected for a prestigious summer internship at the Sydney Google offices.