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15 November 13

With the resumption of Federal Parliament the new ministry will be out to prove that it is not just talk, and small businesses desperately need action, writes Frank Zumbo. 

State Minister for Ageing and Disability, John Ajaka and Rosemary Kayess
15 November 13

Family support plays a critical role in Australians with spinal cord injuries participating fully in society, new UNSW research has found.

15 November 13

UNSW’s Sarah Hyland will be CEO for a day at ANZ after winning a spot in a national competition aimed at ending Indigenous disadvantage in the workplace. 

15 November 13

The ubiquity of electronically stored information, such as email, has created an increased risk that material exempt from discovery due to client legal privilege will not be properly protected, writes Michael Legg. 

14 November 13

The face of the art museum has undergone a significant makeover, with the realisation that an interesting building can draw a crowd as well as any blockbuster exhibition, write Gay McDonald and Gary Sangster. 

14 November 13

Disadvantaged children benefit cognitively from starting primary school early but often suffer socially, new UNSW research has found.

14 November 13

With so many daily distractions, we live in a procrastinator's paradise, but accepting we are prone to delaying unpleasant tasks can allow us to manage our behaviour and become more productive, writes Amy Reichelt.

14 November 13

Online, businesses are fuelled by economic forces that favour the creation of superstars at the expense of all but the smallest of niche rivals, writes Paul McCarthy. 

14 November 13

We need a total turn-around in the way we approach the film industry: we need to put distribution and exhibition at the forefront of our policies and our approach to attracting and developing audiences, argues Lauren Carroll Harris. 

13 November 13

India's mission to Mars will search for methane and could reveal an important aspect about the history of water on the red planet, writes Malcolm Walter.