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14 March 14

The recent High Court decision regarding native title rights in Western Australia has reminded governments that accepting coexistence might be wiser than insisting on extinguishment, writes Sean Brennan. 

13 March 14

Remote sensing satellites have advantages over conventional air and sea searches and could play a key role in locating the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, writes Linlin Ge. 

12 March 14

UNSW student Joany Badenhorst will be the first Australian woman to compete in para-snowboarding at the Sochi Winter Paralympics later this week. 

12 March 14

Poisoning of dingoes – the top predators in the Australian bush – has a deleterious effect on small native mammals such as marsupial mice and bandicoots, a UNSW-led study shows.

12 March 14

The Privacy Commissioner's expanded powers to enforce the Act, including penalties for serious breaches, will be of limited value unless their use is transparent and visible, writes Graham Greenleaf. 

12 March 14

If the Commission of Audit wants to paint the true picture it needs to subject tax deductions, rebates and exemptions to the same standard of scrutiny applied to other expenditures, writes Dale Boccabella. 

12 March 14

The best way to protect people from alcohol-fuelled violence is to take a collaborative approach between communities and governments supported by research-based evidence, writes Anthony Shakeshaft. 

12 March 14

An environment that’s supportive of good health and resilient to climate change is the right of all citizens. It makes sound economic, environmental, health and social sense, writes Susan Thompson. 


12 March 14

Uganda's anti-homosexuality laws are not only incredibly regressive, they could have far-reaching health implications of grave concern to Australia and the world, writes Jed Horner.

Rupert Smith
11 March 14

Britain's foremost "thinking soldier" and international expert on defence, General Sir Rupert Smith, will discuss war in the modern world and the unravelling of the Middle East Conflict at a UNSW Canberra public lecture.