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Autism affects many children worldwide. iStockphoto/ktaylorg
18 July 13

The so-called trust hormone, oxytocin, may not improve the symptoms of children with autism, a large study led by UNSW researchers has found.

17 July 13

A world-first interactive replica of Sydney’s CBD created with commercial gaming technology is providing a prototype for international urban planning and security.

The proportion of 18-24 year-olds who correctly answered that it takes one year for the Earth to orbit the sun fell to 62%, from 74% in 2010. (Image credit: NASA).
17 July 13

A national survey has found that fewer than two out of three young Australians are able to identify the time it takes for the Earth to travel around the sun.

16 July 13

UNSW computing students who developed an app to empower local food charities have placed third in an international competition coordinated by Microsoft.

16 July 13

The Gonski Review has set ideas in motion about education that will be difficult for any government or group to stop, writes Leila Morsy.

16 July 13

As the reaction to Ed Husic's swearing-in on the Koran shows, there's still work to do to educate people about their right to follow whichever religion they choose, writes George Williams.

15 July 13

A new handbook by Prue Vines shows that a legal document can help bridge the divide between the courts and Aboriginal culture when it comes to the wishes of the dead.

15 July 13

Some women who no longer have orgasms are being offered the chance to be part of a free drug trial which may help improve sexual function.

15 July 13

While survival rates for childhood cancers are increasing, researchers are concerned most survivors are not returning for necessary, long-term follow up care.

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15 July 13

The China resource boom may be over, but Australia can still turn its competitive advantage into economic outcomes that will drive regional prosperity for decades to come, writes Geoffrey Garrett.