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24 June 14

Our social identities lie at the core of many psychological processes, including the emotional reactions of football fans to their teams' victories and losses, writes Lisa Williams.

23 June 14

Westpac chief executive and managing director Mrs Gail Kelly has been awarded UNSW’s highest honour – the degree of Doctor of Business, honoris causa.

Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan
23 June 14

A flying squad of Australian public health specialists has been officially launched, bringing together for the first time experts who can rush to disaster zones to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

23 June 14

Uniforms do not miraculously invest students with important personal values or make them upstanding citizens no matter what the schools themselves might say, writes Cathy Sherry.

20 June 14

Whether fashionable or functional, the handbag – and what it contains – is intensely personal, writes Karen de Perthuis.

19 June 14

Four UNSW academics have been named on a prestigious list of the world’s most highly cited scientists. 

19 June 14

Without a proper refugee status determination procedure, asylum seekers are left in indefinite detention with no certainty about (or control over) their future, writes Claire Higgins.

19 June 14

Companies that use biodiversity offsetting need to develop better ways to deliver biodiversity gains that are genuine, additional, permanent and fair to local communities, writes Malika Virah-Sawmy.

19 June 14

An excess of one of the two amino acids in the artifical sweetener aspartame is a signficant concern for people with phenylketonuria, but there is no evidence it has adverse effects in others, writes Rebecca LeBard.

19 June 14

The bottom line for the government is that many of its policies will survive or fall in the Senate according to the will of the Palmer United Party, writes George Williams.