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Team Lab 202's entry to the 2014 NI Autonomous Robotics Competition. (Credit: John Lam)
23 September 14

Two UNSW student teams are doing battle in the grand final of an agricultural robotics competition in Sydney this week.

22 September 14

Tropical rabbitfish devastating algal forests in the eastern Mediterranean Sea pose a major threat to the entire sea basin if their distribution continues to expand as the climate warms, a UNSW-led study warns.

22 September 14

Corporations everywhere are hoovering up petabytes of data in a bid to understand and predict consumer preferences. But are they missing the point? asks Peter Swan.

22 September 14

For those embarking on a long-term change in diet, it is important to recognise that we are not slaves to our desires, writes Amy Reichelt.

22 September 14

It is ironic that the world we live in today is built on a solid foundation of research yet it is easier than ever for non-experts to spread their intuitive falsehoods, writes Tim Dean.

22 September 14

If it is to succeed at the ballot box, a referendum on recognising Aboriginal peoples in the Australian Constitution must reflect the community's desire for change, writes George Williams.

19 September 14

Sarah Kenderdine tells Uniken how technological advances, like high-resolution 2D and 3D imaging, are transforming the museum experience.

19 September 14

A PhD candidate frustrated by political stalling on climate change has taken out top honours at the UNSW three-minute thesis finals for her talk on low-cost wind turbines.

19 September 14

If we want science to be its most innovative, the solution is not about finding brilliant, passionate creative scientists; it's about supporting the ones we already have, writes Ben McNeil.

Happy older woman in pool for CHeBA story
18 September 14

Evidence is mounting that simple lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and a healthy diet can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, experts from UNSW's Centre for Health Brain Ageing say.