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Bill Shorten’s proposal to triple anti-dumping penalties demonstrates a misunderstanding of dumping and its impact on the economy. It also misunderstands when anti-dumping measures may be lawfully applied and to what extent.


Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech at the annual Boao Forum this week caused sighs of relief after a month of mounting threats of tariff escalations between China and the US. Instead, Xi pledged a “new phase of opening up”, including cutting tariffs on car imports.


Information from smart technology in public spaces could soon transform the way such areas are used and also managed.


Landlords and tenants alike are adapting their behaviour in response to changes in affordability and new technologies.


Momentum is building for a national agreement that empowers indigenous people to make decisions about their future.


The ingredients you perceive as important to a good retirement can vary significantly depending on where you are from.


Andrew Dempster and Alice Gorman answer strategic questions about the development of Australia's proposed space agency.


Proposed changes to Victoria's drug laws and policies have potential but fall short in some key areas.


Private health insurance premiums rise from April 1, leaving consumers wondering if they should give it up or downgrade to save money.


Artificial islands emerging from the oceans are regarded as 'engineering marvels'. But little attention is paid to how these human-made structures affect sea life.