elderly bills

If we want superannuation to be more of a substitute for, rather than a supplement to, the pension, then big, structural changes need to be made, writes Richard Holden.


When it comes to Australia's employment of people with a disability, perhaps we need to learn from Chinese policy, which combines employment quotas and a levy on employers who do not comply, writes Karen Fisher.

cashless payment

By 2020 Australia could be cash free, with a reduction in the budget deficit, and probably organised crime, as dividends, writes Richard Holden.

Australia constitution

Out-of-date provisions and processes in the Australian Constitution are hampering progress and undermining prosperity, writes George Williams.


The present Australian social security and welfare system can be viewed as a UBI scheme with exceptions for people who don't need it, writes Gigi Foster.


In the absence of strong federal action on climate change, many states have developed their own climate and energy policies, write Anna Bruce, Graham Mills and Iain MacGill.


Richard Holden explores the year that was and what it might mean for 2017.


The cyberattacks that may have influenced last month's US presidential election should prompt Australia to secure its electoral processes, write Roland Wen and Richard Buckland. 


Roads versus public transport: for decades, these have been the battle lines in debates over transport in our cities. But a revolution in mobility is underway that will transform our thinking, writes S. Travis Waller.


Size doesn't always matter when it comes to the pitch of your voice, especially if you're an aquatic mammal, write Kobe Martin and Tracey Rogers.