Chemical Engineering

02 October 2013
Professor Martina Stenzel, who is developing intelligent plastic nanoparticles for cancer drug delivery, has won the 2013 ExxonMobil Award.
Scientia Professor Rose Amal
26 September 2012
Innovative research into functional nanoparticles has earned Scientia Professor Rose Amal one of Australasia’s highest honours for chemical engineers, the ExxonMobil Award.
24 September 2012
From developing futuristic drugs to understanding how underdogs survive, two UNSW rising stars have been honoured with prestigious early career research awards.
Dr Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou from the School of Chemical Engineering
15 August 2012
UNSW engineers have demonstrated for the first time that hydrogen can be released and reabsorbed from a promising storage material, overcoming a major hurdle to its use as an alternative fuel source.
Scientia Professor Rose Amal
28 June 2012
Two UNSW Professors have been named by Engineers Australia in its annual Top 100 list, which recognises the country’s most influential engineers.
Minimising allergic risk in milk
18 May 2012
Food scientists at UNSW are minimising the adverse health effects of allergens in milk and other food products by developing innovative processing techniques that alter the properties of allergenic proteins.