19 December 2013
Now that you have received your HSC and ATAR results, the next step is to pick the university degree that’s right for you. 
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04 January 2013
It's important to remember the ATAR cut-off for each degree does not necessarily reflect the difficulty - or quality - of a study program, writes Merlin Crossley.
info day story
20 December 2012
Now you have your results, the next step is choosing the right course. Come along to UNSW Info Day on 3 January to get all your questions answered.
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24 October 2012
Training people in disciplines they have no aptitude for or interest in is a waste of public money and countless professional lives, writes Cathy Sherry.
11 May 2012
NSW Director-General of Education, Dr Michele Bruniges, has criticised the quality of teacher training, calling for the country’s “best and brightest” to be recruited into education degrees.
17 December 2010
"If you can dream it, you can do it." For students who've missed out on their preferred course, there's a growing number of alternative pathways to university, writes Professor Joan Cooper.
04 January 2007
Close to 9,000 prospective university students turned up to UNSW for our annual Info Day.