Jane McAdam

29 September 2014
The asylum bill introduced into Parliament last week is an extraordinary display of disdain for international law – and its fundamental misunderstanding of it, writes Jane McAdam.
14 August 2014
A recent decision to allow a family from Tuvalu to stay in New Zealand has been hailed as the first legal recognition of “climate refugees”. But this is not so, writes Jane McAdam.
27 June 2014
Retrograde provisions in a bill introduced this week by the Immigration Minister will have major consequences for asylum seekers entitled to Australia's protection, write Jane McAdam and Kerry Murphy.
27 February 2014
While Australia might "contract out" the processing of asylum seekers to other countries, it cannot "contract out" its legal responsibilities towards them, writes Jane McAdam. 
05 December 2013
The Temporary Protection Visas regime constitutes cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment in violation of Australia's obligations and it is ineffective in deterring asylum seekers, writes Jane McAdam.  
27 November 2013
On any cogent human rights analysis, it is difficult to see how transferring asylum seeker children to Nauru or PNG would ever be in their best interests, writes Jane McAdam. 
30 October 2013
Australia’s asylum seeker debate has been hostage for too long to sloganeers looking to score political points, writes Jane McAdam. 
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25 October 2013
The first research centre specialising in international refugee law will be launched at UNSW next week, with a keynote address by founding director, Professor Jane McAdam.
23 October 2013
Conclusions that asylum seekers are "illegal" and that they should come here in ''the right way'' might seem logical, but they are based on flawed premises, writes Jane McAdam. 
04 September 2013
Both major parties are in a race to the bottom about how best to shut down Australia as a place of refuge for people who take to the sea, writes Jane McAdam. 
16 August 2013
The Coalition's new asylum policy will degrade administrative decision-making, undermine accountability and leave refugees in a permanent state of psychological and legal limbo, write Jane McAdam and Ben Saul.
21 June 2013
The Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights has found that Australia's regional processing legislation violates many of our human rights obligations. It should act as a wakeup call that we have gone too far, writes Jane McAdam.
Jane McAdam
31 May 2013
We must listen to what the Pacific Islanders want in relation to cross-border migration. Too often ‘solutions’ thought up by the international community do not match needs on the ground, writes Jane McAdam.
23 May 2013
Removing the mainland from the migration zone effectively shuts down Australia as an asylum country for people fleeing by boat, and is breach of faith by the Labor government, argues Jane McAdam.
Jane McAdam
21 June 2012
Julian Assange's request of Ecuador for political asylum is premature and legally baseless and Ecuador's motives are suspect, write Jane McAdam and Ben Saul.
17 June 2011
Does the Gillard government's proposed "Malaysia solution" for asylum seekers place us at risk of violating our international obligations? Refugee law expert Jane McAdam explains.
10 December 2010
Predictions of one billion people made homeless by climate change are alarmist, writes international law expert Jane McAdam, who is in Geneva to present her research at the United Nations.
07 July 2010
The federal government's new asylum policy may not be a response to racism and xenophobia, but the concerns behind it are being fuelled by ignorance and a dismal political debate about refugees, argues UNSW's Jane McAdam.
20 October 2008
A team of UNSW law studentshas taken on the world and emerged champions in a mooting competition in Scotland.
22 April 2008
A team of UNSW law students has achieved the University's best result ever at the Jessup International Law Moot Court competition.
16 October 2007
Five UNSW Law students are currently in China taking part in a model UN meeting at Heilongjiang University in the city of Harbin.
07 May 2007
How is the changing environment impacting on human rights? Leading academics and politicians will debate the issue next week at the Australian Human Rights Centre's (AHRC) symposium, Securing the Environment: the challenge of protecting human rights in a changing environment.
26 April 2007
How is the changing environment impacting on human rights? Leading experts will debate the issue at the Australian Human Rights Centre's symposium, Securing the Environment: the challenge of protecting human rights in a changing environment to be held at UNSW.