Katharina Gaus

15 October 2014
The molecular mysteries that allow cancers, viruses and autoimmune diseases to dodge the body’s defence mechanisms will come under the microscope at a new ARC Centre of Excellence.
10 June 2014
UNSW has won four of 20 prestigious awards given to the country’s top health and medical researchers. The haul includes a particularly strong performance by female researchers.
04 November 2013
UNSW researchers investigating nanomedicine, smart plastics, cellular biology and the physics of the early universe, have won four of the eight NSW Science and Engineering Awards for 2013.
02 August 2013
UNSW researchers are finalists in nine categories of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, including an innovative project demonstrating the importance of dingoes to sustaining Australian biodiversity. VIDEO
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03 December 2012
Using a super-resolution fluorescent microscope, medical scientists are a step closer to understanding why and how human immune cells decide to activate or not, thus enabling or preventing disease taking hold in the body.
07 June 2011
Using the only microscope of its kind in Australia, UNSW scientists have for the first time seen the inner workings of T-cells, the immune system's front-line troops against infection.
15 April 2008
UNSW Research Fellow, Dr Katharina Gaus, has been awarded one of the world's most prestigious grants to look the cells which govern our sense of smell.