learning and teaching

29 March 2011
Is the university as we know it an endangered species? Get the full story in the first edition of Uniken for 2011.
03 December 2010
Innovative online assessments and a "liberating" personal approach to teaching have won Associate Professor Gary Velan one of the nation's top university teaching awards.
21 July 2009
The outstanding achievements of UNSW staff in improving student learning have been recognised with seven citations from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.
09 February 2009
UNSW is Australia's top university for the quality of its learning and teaching, according to the Federal Government's latest assessment of university performance.
27 June 2008
Physclips, a set of multimedia learning and teaching materials developed for introductory physics, has won the Physics division of the 2007 Pirelli Prizes for Science Communication.
30 October 2007
UNSW enjoys a "world class" reputation in China, and the University's quality teaching and learning model is being studied for application in China's fast growing higher education sector.
04 October 2007
UNSW has been judged one of the top three universities in Australia for the quality of its learning and teaching, and assessed as number one in Australia for its teaching performance in business and law.
06 July 2007
A UNSW documentary which captures a touching cultural exchange between African and Australian Indigenous people is airing nationally on the ABC, the day before TV personality Ray Martin opens Nura Gili's winter program.