08 October 2013
Space engineer Scott Hensley from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been appointed an adjunct professor at UNSW. 
Engineering graduate Thomas Cooney is heading to NASA for a 10-week internship
06 June 2013
UNSW engineering graduate Thomas Cooney, who helped develop crucial hardware for a new satellite system, has won a 10-week internship at NASA.
02 May 2012
Now that NASA has stopped funding Australia for near-Earth asteroid research, we’ll watch on as the rest of the world takes the next step in space exploration, writes Duncan Steele.
22 July 2011
The final space shuttle mission could mark the start of a new era of opportunity in space for Australia, says UNSW's Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research.
30 November 2007
Australia's total energy needs could be met by solar panels covering a land mass equal to two per cent of Tasmania, according to a UNSW scientist.
12 March 2007
UNSW space scientists have outshone NASA by scoring a higher academic paper citation rate, according to the latest international ranking of universities and space science institutions.