Philip Hogg

Philip Hogg and Pierre Dilda
18 September 2012
Human trials have begun on a groundbreaking anti-cancer drug, developed at UNSW, with the power to shrink tumours and potentially provide an alternative to chemotherapy.
18 August 2010
The world-record in solar cell efficiency, a new class of cancer drugs, and a low-energy system for irrigation have won three UNSW researchers Eureka prizes - Australia's most prestigious science awards.
12 September 2008
UNSW Scientia Professor Martin Green has been named the New South Wales Scientist of the Year - leading a stellar performance by UNSW in the inaugural State awards for scientific excellence.
09 October 2007
A UNSW researcher has developed a world-first test which will radically improve cancer management.
25 June 2007
UNSW has been awarded almost seven million dollars in funding for cancer research from the NSW government. UNSW was awarded more than any other institution in the state.
25 June 2007
Prominent businessman and philanthropist Mr Frank Lowy and family have agreed to donate $10 million towards the cost of a major new research facility on the UNSW campus.