16 May 2014
The Abbott government has burnt too much political capital for too little economic gain, writes Geoffrey Garrett.
26 February 2014
To future proof Australia's construction industry, we need a broad and imaginative reform agenda that can unite disparate industry stakeholders around a common vision, writes Martin Loosemore. 
11 December 2013
In recent years we have failed to apply some of the basic tenets of the competition policy reforms of the 1990s. The cost is our dire productivity performance, writes Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer. 
19 November 2013
There is a clear need for federal reform. The starting point must be recognition of how much Australia has to gain from a system that fosters competition and diversity, rather than mere national control, writes George Williams. 
05 July 2013
Paradoxically, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's centralised intervention to reform the troubled New South Wales branch of the Labor Party, could help revive the party at its roots, argues UNSW's Mark Rolfe.
22 December 2012
Labor should drop personality politics and honour the deal it made to enact laws securing integrity in public life, argues George Williams.
Professor George Williams
05 December 2012
Australia needs to reform its system of government. The failure to do so is costing the nation billions of dollars a year and compromising our ability to realise our economic and social goals, argues George Williams.
flag crop
15 November 2012
With the combined fortunes of commodity producers and the federal budget increasingly tied to Chinese demand, Australia has much riding on the leadership transition, writes Laurie Pearcey.
Peter Whiteford
20 April 2012
Well-directed assistance is economically effective and withdrawing it could be devastating, write Peter Whiteford, Bruce Bradbury and Gerry Redmond.
16 April 2012
Not-for-Profit organisations providing for people with disabilities will need to undergo significant change with the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme, writes Gina Anderson.
29 August 2008
UNSW researcher Dr Carl Reidsema has received major grant to investigate possible reforms to the way engineering is taught in Australia.
03 April 2007
Australian personal taxpayers overwhelmingly support the need for reform of the personal tax system, according to a new survey conducted by the Australian School of Taxation (Atax) at UNSW.