School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences

Professor Richard Kingsford
24 October 2012
Scientists at UNSW have for the first time investigated the likely impact of planned environmental flows on farmlands around the Murray-Darling Basin.
17 October 2012
Rats' keen sense of smell can be exploited to dramatically reduce the frequency of attacks on native birds, a new study suggests.
Acropora corals
12 March 2012
Coral reef ecosystems are severely threatened by global warming, but new evidence suggests some corals could adapt to warmer oceans.
Dryland biodiversity a key climate change buffer
13 January 2012
Preserving diverse plant life will be crucial to buffer the negative effects of climate change and desertification in in the world’s drylands, according to a new landmark study.
Merlin Crossley
16 December 2011
OPINION: Something is seriously amiss when the former PM, John Howard, asserts that parents should be concerned about "one-sided science" being taught in our schools, argues Professor Merlin Crossley in the Sydney Morning Herald.
31 January 2011
A number of introduced plant species have become more like natives, suggesting rapid evolution could happen far more frequently than previously thought.
11 November 2008
UNSW students have achieved impressive results with their research presentations at a major petroleum engineering conference.