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radio bracelet

Here's to the Kodak camera, the transistor TV, the portable typewriter and other casualties of a throwaway age, writes Miles Park.

Cate Blanchett

A flagship theatre company can transform a city's view of its place in the world, which is why the role of Artistic Director is so important, writes John Severn.


As scientists make a renewed push for greater action on climate change, a new installation at the Australian Museum brings home the fragility of our world, writes Prudence Gibson.


The music video remains an important place of creative experimentation, write Phoebe Macrossan and Catherine Strong.  


A reimagined Greek agora, inspired by ancient mythology and 1960s French cinema, is one of dozens of student design projects and innovations at UNSW's Luminocity 2016 exhibition.

Some of the most pressing environmental concerns of our times will be explored in a suite of exhibitions opening at UNSW Galleries this week.


Virtual reality is allowing scientists to walk through a breast cancer cell to observe the delivery of nanoparticle drugs, potentially speeding up the drug-design process.


What will happen to Rio’s multi-million dollar Olympic venues once the last national anthem’s been sung?


Creating buildings and rooms with specific functions is a relatively new phenomena in human history that limits the imaginitive potential of architecture, writes Xing Ruan.