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Using 15,000 replica Indigenous shields, UNSW Art & Design alumnus Jonathan Jones has created the most ambitious Kaldor Public Art Project to date.


UNSW Art & Design lecturer Kate Dunn is using everyday ingredients like sugar, clay, coffee and wood pulp to create 3D printed art works from climate change data.   


The gulf between academia and the construction industry needs to be addressed for the sector to capitalise on the expert knowledge universities provide, writes Martin Loosemoore.

A fascination with a formidable Swedish glass designer has changed the course of one academic’s life.

jackson pollock

When Mike Parr lay supine before Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles, streaked with his own blood, he offered a new way of looking at the act of painting, writes Edward Scheer.


The National Association of Women in Construction has awarded PhD student Natalie Galea two lucrative scholarships in recognition of her research on gender diversity in the construction sector.

radio bracelet

Here's to the Kodak camera, the transistor TV, the portable typewriter and other casualties of a throwaway age, writes Miles Park.

Cate Blanchett

A flagship theatre company can transform a city's view of its place in the world, which is why the role of Artistic Director is so important, writes John Severn.


As scientists make a renewed push for greater action on climate change, a new installation at the Australian Museum brings home the fragility of our world, writes Prudence Gibson.