Business & Law

Fidel Castro

The present language of human rights cannot adequately capture the types of rights that exist in socialist societies like Cuba, writes Dorothea Anthony.


UNSW Law Conjoint Professor James Edelman is to become one of the youngest-ever judges of the Australian High Court.


To invest in start-ups or risky ventures there's a requirement that you be a "sophisticated investor". This discriminatory, arbitary distinction is holding us back, writes Jason Zein.

Statue of Liberty

Much that has been thought in the fields of law and policy seems to need rethinking. But what is to take its place? asks Fleur Johns.


Volker Türk, UNHCR's Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, presents the inaugural address on the international protection of refugees.


Better knowledge about the local market helps Indonesia's ridesharing startup Gojek beat Silicon Valley tech company Uber, writes Nick Wailes.


Alternatives to Obamacare look to address rising premiums and less consumer choice, writes Mark Humphery-Jenner.


As constant change becomes the new normal, and those in work toil for long hours, it's not surprising that resilience is seen as a desirable quality in the workplace.


The National Energy Market was established to deliver a more competitive, efficient and cheaper electricity market. However, a recent study suggests the scheme is not living up to its ambitions.


Financial Literacy Australia has developed a new resource for gauging our ability to decide wisely.