The expectation that they will be everything to everyone can be a unique burden for Indigenous students, says UNSW alumnus and Dreamtime Awards nominee Ashley Walker.

Current Ben Lexcen scholars

In 1988, UNSW became the first Australian university to offer sports scholarships. Thirty years on, the scholarships are shaping the lives of a new generation of student athletes.


The release of a key Red Cross report at UNSW Sydney highlighted the risk to low-income communities in the Asia-Pacific.


New reading to savour for the summer, including the future of artificial intelligence, a voice from inside the Manus Island detention centre, the untold story of the vote for marriage equality, the best science writing of 2018, and the story of Australian chefs overcame their fear of garlic.


Student-led coffee start-up Bugisu Project is thinking big, with gender equality, fair distribution of profits and a zero waste policy as defining goals of the business, write Kate Stanton and Penny Jones.


Frustrated by the distortions, two refugees funded a centre focused on the facts about people seeking asylum.  


UNSW's participation in Sculpture by the Sea was a major step in improving understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder, writes Lucy Carroll.


UNSW Sydney is installing a second rainwater capture and reuse pit under its Kensington campus to reduce stormwater damage and replenish water supplies in the local area. 


Pat Anderson has been honoured for her advocacy of social justice and lasting change for Australia’s First Peoples. 

Renata and Andrew Kaldor

Andrew and Renata Kaldor, former refugees who have used their career success to influence refugee law and policy, have been recognised for their exceptional contribution to society.