Autumn 2015

President and Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs
on his ambitious agenda for UNSW.

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Inspiration from shipping containers is creating sustainable dwellings you won’t be afraid to call home. 

UNSW researchers are helping PNG employers lead the fight against family and sexual violence.

New app technology being developed at UNSW means your mobile phone could soon know you’re depressed before you do. 

A quest to map the genome of a fruit fly has delivered international recognition for this high-school science teacher.

Toy maker LEGO has demonstrated the awesome power of crowdsourcing ideas from its fans.

Death is one of the final taboos in medicine, but UNSW researchers are proposing a practical rethink around end-of-life care for the elderly. 

Aboriginal oral traditions are giving scientists rich information about meteorite strikes and millennia-old natural disasters.

How much of our natural environment will be artificial in the future? Artist Josh Wodak is applying a new lens to the world of synthetic biology.

Welcome to Here and Now – a multi-sensory art installation created by Tamara Dean, UNSW Media’s Artist-in-Residence.

Venture capitalist Alberto Chang-Rajii has invested $1.5 million in a research partnership with UNSW engineers to commercialise a new generation of 'paint on' solar cells.

UNSW and ABC Radio have collaborated on a major digital archive providing unprecedented access to the personal experiences of Australian veterans who served in Afghanistan.

UNSW has attracted major philanthropic support from two of Sydney’s most respected names in art and design to boost architecture education and improve the lives of displaced people.

UNSW academics don’t just do outstanding research, they also excel at passing on their knowledge to students.

Children are the focus of a world-first online anti-stigma program that aims to change attitudes around one of our fastest growing health issues.

The Science 50:50 initiative has a simple premise – since half of the population is female, why not also half the scientists and technologists?

A round-up of the top news stories at UNSW.

The latest books by UNSW academics.

The Institute of Environmental Studies director talks to Fran Strachan about growing up in Argentina, her work with the UN and her love of maté and red wine.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this first issue of UNSW’s flagship publication for 2015 – and my first issue as President and Vice-Chancellor.