Autumn 2016

A new state-of-the-art centre brings together science and art to transform the way we visualise disease.

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Putting our daily routines under a microscope has enabled social policy researcher Lyn Craig to unravel many of the mysteries of modern life. 

He shared in a Nobel prize for physics and pioneered construction of the world’s largest radio telescope. Now Brian Boyle is blazing a trail for UNSW research. 

Victoria Hunt is using dance to tell the story of finding her Maori family and the cultural treasures stolen from them.

What does it mean to be an engineer? Four students found the answer in the Torres Strait, as part of an innovative course that is transforming lives. 

A love of Indonesian was the start of legal academic Melissa Crouch's commitment to the region that has widened to include Myanmar, Asia's newest democracy.

Affordable power storage is the missing link in the renewable energy revolution. Neeraj Sharma is developing next-generation rechargeable batteries that run on seawater.

Working in a stress-free environment might sound appealing. But new research shows most of us need a little bit of pressure to get the job done.

Princes and paupers are the same when they are lying on a hospital gurney being treated by Gordian Fulde, the 2016 Senior Australian of the Year.

In this edited excerpt of the 2016 Gandhi Oration, Peter Greste, the Australian journalist jailed on confected terrorism charges in Egypt, reflects on how governments and extremists are using the War on Terror as cover for their attacks on freedom of speech. 

Helen Pynor’s work addresses emotional and physiological questions around the liminal space between life and death.

The former Canadian junior tennis champion recently took her role as fundraiser to new heights, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to support research into liver cancer, the disease that killed her father. 

All UNSW's top news stories, from quantum computing dollars to a warm welcome for new Deans and dignitaries.

The latest books by UNSW academics.

Welcome to the first issue of UNSW magazine for 2016. 

Rising star Dr Xiaojing Hao is developing next-generation photovoltaic technology to transform the global solar market.