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Advances in communications technology have paved the way for teams of people to collaborate virtually, unrestricted by geography or time zones. But understanding how best to manage and motivate these teams is still in its infancy.

John Roberts is a professor of marketing at UNSW, with a joint appointment at London Business School. He spoke to Julian Lorkin about the impact of big data in marketing.

The media's portrayal of two high-profile bank CEOs – Mike Smith at ANZ and Gail Kelly at Westpac – during the GFC reveals the gender bias inherent in leadership perceptions, a new analysis shows.

New research suggests performance appraisals could bridge the gap between formal and informal learning.

New research from the UNSW Business School reveals that combining a global brand with local appeal is a powerful combination.

​​Museums are reinventing themselves to find new audiences. This has been termed the "Bilbao effect", after the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim satellite that transformed an obscure Spanish town into a tourist destination.