Issue 1 2017

The scientist launching Australia's next-generation space program

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Autonomous weapons have moved from science fiction to become a clear and present danger. But there is still time to stop them.

Carriageworks Director Lisa Havilah has turned the historic artspace into one of Australia’s most exciting cultural institutions. 

UNSW's newest Grand Challenge will focus on conversations about poverty, disadvantage and inequality, while connecting to broader trends in democratic politics. 

UNSW's outreach initiative ASPIRE has secured funding to roll out new programs to bring more country kids to university.

Professor Raina MacIntyre is on the front line of the fight against emerging bio-threats. She warns biosecurity breaches could be as catastrophic as nuclear war.

A medical researcher's career is one of frustration and melancholy. What keeps them going?

The risk of developing bipolar disorder has a correlation with weak connections in the emotional areas of the brain. 

Father and son Geoff and Tim Harcourt on how family, history and a love of economics led them to very different academic careers

Australians with a disability are dying from avoidable deaths at twice the rate of the general population, and many deaths are attributed to the wrong cause.

The bigger the animal, the deeper the sound they make. But not if they live in the water.

Actions as simple as smiling and saying hello in the supermarket can have a powerful influence on communities, according to social researcher Dr Hugh Mackay.

Philanthropist Judith Neilson has donated $6 million to endow a Chair in Contemporary Art.

Teenagers and alcohol – how soon is too soon? It’s one of the thorniest dilemmas confronting parents. 

UNSW is ranked in the Top 20 most international universities.

UNSW Law's Associate Professor Cathy Sherry reveals what she has been reading over summer.