Issue 2 2017

Beat the blues at the Big Anxiety Festival

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The development of wood as strong as steel has spawned a new breed of timber towers to revolutionise the way we live in cities.

Around 3,000 Australians take their lives each year, a frightening statistic that Black Dog Institute chief Helen Christensen is determined to turn around.

Our concrete jungles are getting so hot they could eventually become uninhabitable. But a team of UNSW researchers is working hard to cool them down.

Three new Pro-Vice-Chancellors will address the strategic areas of Indigenous policy, international outreach and world-class research environments.

Su Goldfish’s 40-year search for her lost family has been captured in a powerful new documentary.

The dingo has a far greater impact on the Australian landscape than previously thought, new research reveals.

The discovery in the Pilbara of the oldest evidence of land-based life could help in the search for life on Mars.

Art lovers have long pondered the identity of the mystery face behind the Ned Kelly mask in Sidney Nolan’s most iconic painting.

Australia’s hottest cyber hackers come from one UNSW lab, led by a professor on a mission to fight global cybercrime.

Mental Health Prize shines a spotlight on performers’ wellbeing.

Greg Austin, Professor in the Australian Centre for Cyber Security on why he's reading about Russia, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.