2016 federal election


When Australians enter the ballot box on July 2nd, they will notice some differences in how they vote for the Senate - UNSW's Paul Kildea takes us through the changes and possible consequences for the Senate in a double dissolution election. Produced in association with Fairfax Media.


A journalism student explains what it’s like working in Australia’s largest newsroom to cover the federal election campaign for UniPollWatch.


If neither side reaches 76 seats, Australia could be faced with weeks of uncertainty, writes George Williams.

book signing

If it’s an election, you can bet that our cash-strapped publishing industry is preparing to unleash another volley of election campaign diaries, writes Christopher Kremmer.

climate action

Would an incoming Labor government re-establish a Department of Climate Change? And if not, what should be done, ask Christian Downie and Howard Bamsey.

election, vote

Are you looking for experts to comment on specific election issues? UNSW academics are available to discuss key election policies and proposals.

Community garden

Australian politics must respond to current pressures with collaboration and creativity, rather than pitting economics against society, writes Bronwen Morgan.

Richard Di Natale

While Labor and the Liberals express their disdain for the Greens, their tone will change if Australians vote for a hung parliament and the Greens hold the keys to the Lodge, writes George Williams.

Malcolm Turnbull

Is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull right to say that Labor plans to increase taxes by A$100 billion over ten years? James Morley investigates.