Former Vice-Chancellor Sir Rupert Myers will lead celebrations today marking the 50th anniversary of the signing of an agreement to provide officer cadets with degree studies for the first time.


The Australian Defence Force has largely been missing in action on climate change and its broader implications for national security, writes Michael D. Thomas.


The Abbott government must resist the temptation to play politics with defence policy, writes Alan Dupont.


Tony Abbott’s latest “Captain’s call” comes as the government commits more troops to Iraq, writes Sue Williamson.

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To conclude that incidents of hazing and sexual harassment merely indicate the presence of bad men is to misunderstand our highly gendered workplaces, writes Dean Laplonge. 


Successive Australian governments have skewed our defence priorities and failed our soldiers, argues Alan Stephens.


Australia’s military must re-evaluate its role post Afghanistan or risk failing to adapt to new international challenges, leading security analyst Professor Alan Dupont warns.