Alan Dupont

US Australia alliance

The Green's position on defence is untainted by an appreciation of the serious threats facing Australia, writes Alan Dupont.

Cyber Security

Malcolm Turnbull’s cyber security strategy will foster a new era of cyber research and innovation, writes Alan Dupont.

US China relations

The simmering strategic rivalry between the US and China is entering a new, more dangerous phase, writes Alan Dupont.


What sets this white paper apart is the muscularity of the envisaged defence force, which bears all the hallmarks of Tony Abbott’s hard-nosed approach to defence and national security, writes Alan Dupont.


China would do well to heed the warning by the great Athenian historian Thucydides about the heightened risk of conflict when a rising power challenges the existing international order, writes Alan Dupont.


Joy and good tidings are in short supply after a year overshadowed by bloody massacres and terrorist outrages, writes Alan Dupont.

South China Sea

Washington's foray into the South China Sea signals it will no longer be a passive ­observer of China’s acquisitive ­maritime ­strategy, writes Alan Dupont.


Making the right calls on national security, as well as the economy, will go a long way to entrenching Turnbull as a successful Prime Minister, writes Alan Dupont.


Australia must use what leverage it has with the US to urge a cogent, measured and co-ordinated response to Russia’s Syrian intervention, writes Alan Dupont.


The head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is focused on new and emerging threats, writes Alan Dupont.