mRNA is the key ingredient in COVID-19 vaccines. But what is it, and how does it work?

Rainbow art in window

Making art is another way children can find contentment in isolation. 


UNSW is offering the first undergraduate Social Robotics course in Australia, giving students the opportunity to design robots that engage emotionally with humans.


What's that in the wardrobe? UNSW Art & Design student Kidakorn Tangsucharittham's beautifully realised animation provides a haunting with a twist. 

Movement educator, Charemaine Seet

Animation students are getting out from behind their computers to learn body movement techniques designed to bring their characters to life.

Phillip to

Animator and COFA digital media graduate Philip To has won an Annie Award, the animation industry's highest accolade.

Animation inside

A COFA digital media graduate has hit the Hollywood big time, with a nomination for one of the animation industry's highest honours.