sodermalm district and island in central stockholm

Perhaps what is most interesting about #Swedengate is not what it tells us about Sweden, but what it tells us about ourselves.

Waim artefacts

It is well known that agriculture developed independently in New Guinea 7000 years ago, but evidence of its influence on how people lived has eluded scientists – until now.

Himba father and son

DNA evidence from the Himba society in Namibia overturns ideas about genetic paternity, and about what it means to be a father.

Rat being tickled.

Former Freudian psychoanalyst Dr Jeffrey Masson says it’s important to understand that animals have the same emotions as humans.


To have their greatest impact on society and truly advance their field of study, scientists must be willing to engage the public in open discussions about the good and the bad, including fraud, writes Darren Curnoe. 

Bradshaw rock paintings

Archaeological history is being rewritten to undermine Aboriginal connections to the land, writes Darren Curnoe.


An internationally renowned anthropologist of sound, Steven Feld, is at UNSW for a series of public events looking at the way music is used to understand the environment.