Army ration biscuits known as 'Anzac tiles' were durable but bland - as Australian war archives show, they served as stationery, Christmas cards and and the basis of art.


You can name your child 'Anzac' – but not your house. Might it be time to relax restrictions on the use on one of our most sacred words, asks Catherine Bond.


Three ‘sonic wells’ connecting Sydney, New Zealand and Turkey reaffirm the bonds between the two Anzac nations and their former adversary in the lead-up to Anzac Day.

Anzac Poppy World War One

Has a national obsession hijacked centenary commemorations of the Great War? 


The Victoria Cross has become a standard benchmark of valour in war, but is our fascination with the medal skewing our perspective on Australia's military history, asks Peter Stanley.

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Ataturk's famous letter to Anzac mothers gives some comfort to those left behind but is yet another wartime myth, write Peter Stanley and David Stephens.

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Has a national obsession with Anzac hijacked centenary commemorations of the Great War? Read the full story and more in the latest issue of Uniken.