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Fixating on sleep can make your sleep worse. But some people crave the connection online sleep communities provide.

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Instead of making the lives of contact tracers easier, analysis shows the expensive technology missed contacts and added to their workload.


Sticking to daily medication can be a challenge, but people with gout may soon have an app to help manage their condition and prevent a painful gout attack.


An app providing information about fines has been named the winner of a showcase featuring students of UNSW Law's new course using state-of-the-art legal technology.  


Physical activity trackers that can also monitor our mood will be increasingly used to detect, diagnose and treat mental illness, according to one of America’s top mental health experts. 

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BrightHearts is a creative relaxation training app designed to help people observe and regulate stress, writes George Poonkhin Khut. 

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Major app developers make enormous sums from basic and derivative games, so why shouldn’t independent game makers like the creator of Flappy Bird do the same, asks Thomas Apperley. 


A smartphone app that doubles as a navigation aid is giving people with a visual impairment the confidence to explore.