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The targeted additions to spending in the budget are in part symbolic, but also likely to be quite progressive in their impact, write Peter Whiteford and Gerry Redmond.

Foreign aid

Decreasing foreign aid might win votes, but Australia will pay a high price to keep its international reputation, writes Jo Coghlan.

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The recent flurry of defence reports and reviews is creating a false sense of purpose and action, and cannot disguise a drift from defence policy, writes Alan Dupont.


Is it time for a truce between proponents of the differing perspectives of the Anzac legend, asks military historian Craig Stockings.

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Well-directed assistance is economically effective and withdrawing it could be devastating, write Peter Whiteford, Bruce Bradbury and Gerry Redmond.

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Australia must stop backing every renewable energy option and make a public choice to back the one with the best prospects, write Elizabeth Thurbon and John Mathews.


Former NSW Minister, John Della Bosca, has told a UNSW conference the war on drugs has failed, calling for a drug summit to reassess Australia’s approach to drug policy.

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Animal People, a novel exploring human-animal relationships, has won PhD student and author, Charlotte Wood, a spot on the Miles Franklin Literary Award long-list.

Cheese On Toast edit1

A web series exploring the lives and loves of university law students will be screening in competition at an LA film festival.

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Why is it still so hard to talk about female beauty without defaulting to patriarchal stereotypes, asks Catharine Lumby.