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David Folkenflik’s book is a well written account of some of the most dramatic events surrounding Murdoch’s career and impact, but there are some odd absences, writes David McKnight. 

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Comprehensive sex-education programs empower young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health, writes Peter Aggleton. 

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A prestigious collection of dance films housed at UNSW is providing a free resource for dance educators and researchers.

15 Minister for Ageing and Disability Services John Ajaka and Rosemary Kayess, SPRC 0

Family support plays a critical role in Australians with spinal cord injuries participating fully in society, new UNSW research has found.

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Disadvantaged children benefit cognitively from starting primary school early but often suffer socially, new UNSW research has found.

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We need a total turn-around in the way we approach the film industry: we need to put distribution and exhibition at the forefront of our policies and our approach to attracting and developing audiences, argues Lauren Carroll Harris. 

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Sydney's inaugural Intercultural Film Festival risks collapsing into irrelevance unless it gets the organisational basics right and defines its stories of multiculturalism, writes Greg Dolgopolov. 

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To conclude that incidents of hazing and sexual harassment merely indicate the presence of bad men is to misunderstand our highly gendered workplaces, writes Dean Laplonge. 

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The Abbott government needs to show constancy and patience in engaging India, yet more important than grand diplomacy is simply letting the two nations play to their greatest strength: people, writes Rory Medcalf. 

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If we hope to manage the harms associated with illicit drugs, it is necessary to acknowledge that young people gain something from their drug use and that stopping drug use entails a loss for them, write Joanne Bryant and Sarah MacLean.