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A state funeral will be held for asylum seekers who drowned off the Italian coast last week. What can Australians learn from the way Europe responds to such boat tragedies, asks Claudia Tazreiter.

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If Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb are serious about the future of Australia’s education sector as a key export earner, the FTA negotiations at hand seem like a practical place to start, writes Laurie Pearcey. 

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The truthfulness of clinical trial data is often debatable. So how did we get here and what exaclty is the problem with this situation, asks Nicolas Rasmussen. 

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Newly appointed director of UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre Professor Kelley Johnson plans to take an active part in the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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Pushing through regulations like mandatory condom use in the US pornography industry will be no easy feat in a country where civil liberties are fiercely protected, writes Kath Albury. 

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When it comes to reporting the projected consequences of climate change, are journalists following their conscience or are they letting us, and future generations, down, asks Tim Dean.

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If Labor is to last longer in government next time around, it needs to better define not only itself but its opponent, writes Mark Rolfe. 

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The premier conference for young Australian and Chinese leaders kicks off this week, and international student Lina Tao is one of 30 delegates selected to participate.  

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The personal data mined from our internet and social media use has enormous potential. But do all the claims add up? Kate Crawford busts some big data myths. 

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Visiting New York for Leader's Week should be core business for Prime Minister Tony Abbott, write Jeni Whalan and Jeremy Farrall.